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Atari hook up, how do i hook up an atari to a modern television?

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I'll describe both, and I'll save the background info on why this is such a pain for Page 2. The best way is to get a Coaxial to RCA adapter left. You might need a pen or something to reach it.

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Specifically, the Atari, and Any difficulties you're experiencing connecting the two I'm not currently having any issue with. If you have Firefox, search "xFAQs add-on". Since there are fewer connections between the Atari and the TV this method will usually give cleaner video than connecting through the switchbox.

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Thank you very much for the advice. If you've never soldered anything before, it might be a little tricky, but it's worth it for the clean signals!

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Modern tvs these days plus old Ataris I dunno if I could manage that lol. No more worrying about upscaling, resolutions, or display lag.


AV Switchbox Composite Any way you slice it, generating composite output takes more work. This requires no hardware modification of the system. This worked a treat. Here are some possible suppliers for the adapter: So if you make the mod, you'll just have one audio cable in use.

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Composite will give you better audio and video quality, but you must perform a hardware modification. How much more depends upon exactly what you want to do. Do they show the screen with funky colors flashing?

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It's called a ohm matched pair to ohm F-Connector transformer, in technical jargon. Same Thing, Different Parts Here's another way to hook up using the switch box. There are composite and s-video mods available, but that's another post The video from the Atari will be on the channel selected on the Atari console usually either channel 3 or channel 4.

I've tried multiple console bases and multiple games to no avail.

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If you you do have coaxial output on your switchbox, just plug the game system's RCA cable into the switchbox, connect the switchbox to your TV's coaxial "Cable In" jack, and push the switch to "Game" or "Computer".

S-video is being phased out and component is on its way out too.

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If you have Chrome, search for "xFAQs extension". The screw lugs are the copper U-shaped thingies at the end of the flat piece of two-wire cable sticking out of the switchbox. Atari

To the left is the cable you should see attached to your videogame system. Plus newer tv's have different plug ins in the back of the tv these days. Demodulator's rarely go bad on VCR's, they're usually thrown out because of the tape mechanism.

If you have the 2-port version of theyou can use the methods described below.

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