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Benefits of dating a nerd girl, you might like

Fortunately for me, my choice in a mate means that the one aspect of modern living at which I fail spectacularly is covered by an on-call IT guy. But what about a grown-up nerd? A tough task but more than worth the effort.

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Nut does one know there are many benefits of dating a nerd. Korn what do you think about INFJ's?

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On the contrary, she'll literally die for you. Perks Of Being A Nerd The college studs and cheerleaders are no more the first choice, instead they rely more on the nerds for meeting their emotional needs.

And probably not on little ones if she's synched into you enough.

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So whatever relationships they have now, they are more likely to truly value and cherish. I myself am an INFJ.

Not on big important issues. The generation X is different when it comes to choosing the right partners from them.

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They research everything so obviously they would do their homework on sex too before going under the sheets with you.

Don't even bother trying.

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Just let her know when she's rambling. They had to actually work at it because it didn't always come naturally.

Pound for pound, you will never find a more intuitive and emotionally synched companion. I could be wrong but that's what it looks like to me. She can almost read your mind.

Why adorably dorky dudes are secretly the best

Successful They are hard working and skilled making them the right recipe for having a successful career, which adds to leading a sound life for you two as a couple, making this as one of the biggest benefits of dating a nerd. When they were younger, nerdy guys generally didn't Benefits of dating a nerd girl the attention — or the play — that the popular guys did.

If you encounter a Literature essay introduction with intellectual interests who may or may not have been branded a "huge nerd" in high school, you could be sitting on a goldmine, according to Todd Valentinea leader in executive dating and relationship coaching for men.

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Nerds are experts at everything; they love to read and would not waste your precious time with "un"-researched activities. She shuts on and she shuts off but she never shuts you out if you've managed to crack into her tiny inner circle of five or so.

But their empathy allows them to mesh with just about anyone else, especially Extroverted Feelers.

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This might sound like a bad thing on the surface, but what it means for you is that these guys likely didn't develop the bigheaded entitlement that goes along with automatically being attractive to girls. For women, this means you'll more likely be with a guy who's genuine and appreciates you," says Valentine.

Single And Committed Benefits of dating a nerd starts with the fact that mostly they are single and would love to get committed. Romantic candle night dinners are their speciality.

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