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He was taken up, censured, and imprisoned for a month, by the speaker's Muse ab solution singles dating, I suppose, because he would not discover his author. There are many of his notes in the margins. That this was no mere rhetorical flourish on his part, designed for public consumption, is apparent from his constant allusions to Providence in his personal letters.


My time for these exercises and for reading was at night, after work or before it began in the morning, or on Sundays, when I contrived to be in the printing-house alone, evading as much as I could the common attendance on public worship which my father used to exact on me when I was under his care, and which indeed I still thought a duty, though I could not, as it seemed to me, afford time to practice it.

The Library Company is now a great scholarly and research library. By the mids Franklin was considered the leading citizen of Philadelphia and the Pennsylvania Colony.

Finally two French treaties were made and signed, one for military assistance, and the other for trade and commerce.

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I endeavored to put his press which he had not yet used, and of which he understood nothing into order fit to be worked with; and, promising to come and print off his Elegy as soon as he should have got it ready, I returned to Bradford's, who gave me a little job to do for the present, and there I lodged and dieted, A few days after, Keimer sent for me to print off the Elegy.

Franklin was busy with a hundred matters outside of his printing office, and never seriously attempted to raise the mechanical standards of his trade. He had some letters, and was ingenious, but much of an unbeliever, and wickedly undertook, some years after, to travestie the Bible in doggrel verse, as Cotton had done Virgil.

Our disputes were often brought before our father, and I fancy I was either generally in the right, or else a better pleader, because the judgment was generally in my favor.

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Eager to atone for its loss of empire in North America, and to weaken its ancient enemy Great Britain, France had already begun clandestine shipping of military equipment and supplies to America.

Bradford, who was an associate of Ashbel Green another Presbyterian minister who had known George Washington personally.

Finally Franklin was recalled in May and Thomas Jefferson was appointed in his place. He wrote to revolutionaries in New England trying to cool their passions so that things could be worked out.

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In Franklin was appointed clerk of the Pennsylvania Assembly, and he was appointed postmaster general of Philadelphia in Neither James nor the Courant's readers were aware of the ruse, and James was unhappy with Ben when he discovered the popular correspondent was his younger brother.

My mother had likewise an excellent constitution: He had a mechanical genius too, and, on occasion, was very handy in the use of other tradesmen's tools; but his great excellence lay in a sound understanding and solid judgment in prudential matters, both in private and public affairs.

Often I sat up in my room reading the greatest part of the night, when the book was borrowed in the evening and to be returned early in the morning, lest it should be missed or wanted.

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Inat the age of 42, Franklin retired from his successful printing business and civic creations, in order to expand his world in other directions. Isted, now lord of the manor there.

For exercising his God-given reason Bruno paid the heavy price the superstition of revealed religion demanded - he was burned alive.

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He and Benjamin began to quarrel, with Franklin demanding more indulgences and prerogatives than the typical apprentice of the period was allowed. Have you lately heard how any present rich man, here or elsewhere, got his estate?

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His eldest son Thomas lived in the house at Ecton, and left it with the land to his only child, a daughter, who, with her husband, one Fisher, of Wellingborough, sold it to Mr.

Indulge them in any other subject rather than that of religion. Most People dislike Vanity in others whatever Share they have of it themselves, but I give it fair Quarter wherever I meet with it, being persuaded that it is often productive of Good to the Possessor and to others that are within his Sphere of Action: So there being no copy, but one pair of cases, and the Elegy likely to require the entire letter, no one could help him.

The intended recipient remains unidentified.

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