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That was just the beginning of a long and rich Hollywood career. She was introduced to producer Chris Henchy, and the two instantly had an irresistible chemistry. In she did some voice over work when she voiced Mrs.

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It was an Ivory Soap ad and you could tell Brooke was a natural from an early age. However, the actress had still received less negative feedback than when she playing her racy role in Pretty Baby. It was also her acting talent.

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The Real Story of My Mother and Me, the actress goes into details about the night she spent with the actor.

Brooke worked hard on making herself better: Before their public divorce, Andre confessed to his wife that he addicted to drugs, a fact he was hiding from her. No boundaries Some would say that the stunning actress hit puberty a bit too early, and the worst thing was that it happened in front of the camera.

Brooke was born in Manhattan to a socialite mother who had a few movie stints and her businessman father.

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John, however, eventually served only half that time and has stated that Shields had wrongly accused him. When she was only 11 years old, Brooke was cast in the film and was part of some very questionable scenes.

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She felt sad, empty and depressed. Giving birth and its following struggles took their toll, however, Brooke decided to give television another chance. Some of her roles in recent years included a recurring role on the successful sitcom The Middle where she played Rita.

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It showed how their emotions evolved and while falling in love they also started exploring their physical selves. All she really wanted was to live a simple and peaceful life. An R rated hit She might have had a double for some scenes, but there were still some shots that were perceived as too risque.

One of her more memorable roles was when she played Morticia Addams in the musical version of The Addams Family back in In fact, Brooke used her long and luscious hair to cover her front part.

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Brooke had established herself as a respected sitcom actress. It told the story of two young kids who happened to be on the tropical island without any boundaries nor society restrictions.

Her secret talent The beautiful actress has already proven her acting skills, her modeling as well as her athletic side.

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It seemed at the time that Brooke was just chasing scandals. Brooke has been very open about her thoughts about abstinence, so that was a bit of a surprise.

She received a lot of Dream of dating an actor attention and came under the scrutiny of PETA and other animal rights organizations. She decided to try her luck on stage and went on to appear in several Broadway productions such as Chicago, Grease, and Cabaret.

Her mother, who became her manager, was under a lot of criticism for letting her daughter appear in risque and semi-nude scenes.

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