Cycle Speed Dating (women and men) | Look mum no hands! Cycle Speed Dating (women and men) | Look mum no hands!

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More reassuring was how relaxed everyone was — after all, we were all just here to meet someone with shared interests, there was nothing strange about it. I imagined the whole thing could be embarrassing and awkward, and half pictured a bunch of middle-aged men in socks and sandals.

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My friend Duncan had come along, so when it was his turn to sit opposite me, we got to swap our experiences so far and try to make sense of our hastily scrawled notes. There was a good mix of people at the event and not all were serious cyclists; from those who cycle for fun, to one man I spoke to who during his youth cycled km a week.

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March 12, As there was one more woman than there were men, I had a short break in the middle, during which I could look around, listen to the buzz of conversation and even witness some hand-holding. A shared hobby can be a great way of socialising, it can be a great ice-breaker when you meet someone new, while the added bonus of meeting a person with shared interests means you have something you can get out and enjoy together.

The event seemed to be going well for most people.

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Organiser Marge rang the bicycle bell every three minutes and a new man came and sat opposite me the men rotate, the women stay seated.

There were even a couple of people I already knew.

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Sometimes those three minutes were enough, sometimes too much. This article originally appeared in Cycling Active magazineMarch issue Most read this week.

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Photos by Roo Fowler It was around man number 19 I started to lose steam. Over time, cycling may be the thing you do together, a chance to bond over shared experiences. Not only were the men a good bunch but the women I spoke to seemed the kind of people I could be friends with too.

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The organisers had provided handy questions on little laminated cards, however, should the awkward pause threaten to morph into a black hole. He was pleasantly surprised at how fun it was, too, and after his initial horror that I was also bringing a photographer, I think he was glad to have a friend there.

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By the law of averages, the more opportunities you make to meet new people, the greater likelihood you have of meeting someone special. Common ground Are relationships formed through common interests more likely to succeed?

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