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This model was aimed at military and police contracts and many examples were produced for various agencies. It is very much appreciated if you would complete the rating once you have read the answer, so that I know you do not have any further questions and I can move on to help the next customer. The manual safety lever merely locks the grip safety in place so that it cannot be depressed, though an external lug on the manual safety lever also moves into a notch in the slide to prevent the slide from being opened.

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The magazine holds seven rounds of 7. It incorporated the standard Browning striker-firing mechanism and a grip safety along with a magazine safety and an external safety lever known as the "triple safety" in a compact package.

After World War II wood grips were sometimes used for the Modelmost with rudimentary checkering, though some luxury models featured very finely checkered wooden grips. Overall length of the new sidearm became mm with an unloaded weight of g.

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These grips were only used for a few months and are now exceedingly rare. Ok, thank you for that information. Despite her origins, the Model continued production up until I have photos available Jim: Please take a moment to complete that, as those high scores are what allows me to be able to help future customers.

The Model became the first of his creations to be produced by the Belgium firm of Fabrique Nationale and featured a recoil spring fitted within a cylinder mounted above the barrel assembly, making for a unique though rather clumsy-looking gun.

After the war, production out of FN Herstal continued by Belgium and the pistol was selected for service by several European powers thereafter. Ease the bushing off the front of the slide and remove the recoil spring.

The model follows the Savage Automatic Pistol in placing the recoil spring around the barrel, rather than over the barrel as in the model.

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The Kasaysayan ng dating daan grip was also noticeably lengthened downwards from the Model 's design and this helped to increase the noted internal magazine ammunition capacities for each respective caliber.

For other firearms related information, please visit www. The gun was never patented or manufactured in the U.

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It is possible to switch calibres by changing only the barrel. They were succeeded by checkered horn grips with the FN monogram in an oval at the top.

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Reprint of edition. The magazine was inserted into the base of the pistol grip and spent shell casings were ejected from a right-mounted ejection port just above the trigger unit.

Year-by-year production figures are not available, but it is known that approximately 69had been made by the beginning of World War I inand approximatelyhad been made by the beginning of World War II.

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Click on the pictures to open a larger version in a new window. It was not until that the Browning Arms Company brought the pistol to the United States under the new apt designation of "Model ". The serial number is on the right side of the frame, just above the trigger. Hogg and John Walter.

Up to this point, Browning leaned on both Colt Firearms and FN to produce his guns in the United States and Belgium respectively but, after Colt declined to produce his new ModelBrowning took his development to FN to market the type to European interests.

There was no interruption in serial numbers. Global operators are also presented in A-to-Z format as are any model variants available to the series. Made in Belgium, this model was virtually identical to the European model except for the markings and grips.

The recoil spring is secured by a bushing with bayonnette-style lugs on the front of the slide.