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Dating of earth dramawiki, drama go go go / 姐姐立正向前走

What right do they have to live here? It never goes well when they do that to the crown prince! Back in the present, Yeong shouts that the king did nothing and told him in this very spot to just wait. Ra-on finally decides to torch the last letter, when suddenly Byung-yeon gets an idea and flings a dagger across the room, slicing the wick right off the candle.

It was just a dream, but he looks thoroughly spooked, and the queen notes his discomfort silently. Royal Consort Park sends Ra-on to the main palace with a letter for the king, and on her way out, Princess Yeongon runs up with a written note oh, can she not speak?

As Consort Park heads out to meet the king, we hear his reply to her in voiceover, calling himself a powerless king and husband, and a pathetic father.

Ra-on clutches her stinging face as tears slip out, and from the courtyard, Yoon-sung happens to witness the whole exchange.

Another eunuch sees her in there and warns her to get out, so she urges Yeong to come out too, before they get caught by the prince. Yeong says that the princess will hurt herself by holding the sword that way, and takes it out of her hands. Filled with emotion, the king called out to him by name: As he walks away, Yeong grabs an arrow and lets one fly, and it splits an arrow embedded in the bulls-eye with incredible precision.

Aw no, what happened?

She runs to tell Royal Consort Park that the king is waiting to see her right now, and shows her the letter eagerly. They lean back and enjoy the afternoon nap.

He complains that everything she does is weird and plops her hat back on her head with a playful bop before walking away. He asked to borrow her then, and she held him as he cried.

Ra-on says this last one was different, because she made sure to deliver it properly. What are you so afraid of that you cannot do anything—no, that you do not do anything?! But is it not my choice what kind of crown prince I become?

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