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Dating one direction fanfic, chapter 9: we can make it

Harry was the happiest of the group at the moment. Not only was it just a plane ride though, it was a whole world tour.

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I told Zayn everything, and i told the doctor Dating one direction fanfic needed to leave. I was laughing my ass of as he tickled me without mercy. I guess snuggling in bed time was over.

Harry's POV We walked off the plane to be greeted by paparazzi like usual. Big big big news to share. I was so worried. Im the one who got lucky here.

I never meant to hurt her like that. But they tasted so good.

Marissa and i were going out to lunch today and were wondering if you wanted to come with. All the boys did, they were possibly the most famous Boy Band in the entire world.

I just wanted to be with her. Just being with her made me smile. I was only awake long enough to hear, "We're going to get you out of there okay?

I never complain to him though, preforming is his life. She has been through so much in her life, and here i was trying to kill myself over a stupid boy. Neither of them will admit they were wrong, and neither will Dating one direction fanfic. I knocked on the door. Can my tough Marta not take it anymore?

There was a loud sound ringing through the air.

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Will Zayn be able to take care of Serina like he has to? How the hell was i spouse to know she was lying!

Chapter 5: Moving On

We invited everyone to lunch, Zayn, Niall, Liam, he girlfriend Marta. I needed to work it out with them some how.

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Usually on our flight we would all be having a laugh, right now I'm just chatting with Niall though. I kept thinking about the past though, i needed to move on, we have both changed. Actually even that was a lie. We had big news. Something that would push the boys to their limits of stress.

I decided to call her, this could be the worst or best mistake of my life. I promised her it would be better this time, and I'm pretty sure it will considering no one is really talking to each other. Are you broken up for good now? I would greatly appreciate reviews from ya'll so I know if you like it!

I stopped thinking about it, now was not the time to think about him, it was about me and Liam now.

Chapter 1: The Big News

I know i fucked up, but the thing is when your famous, it never goes away people will always remember you for how you screwed up, not what you did good. Fame, fortune, attention, it changes people.

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I could still feel your arms wrapped around me. Liam felt bad for making Niall go back to the hotel alone but he told Louis that they would have to spend more time with him seeing that Niall isn't much of the outgoing type.