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Aside from the exact date printed on the shell, the color of ink used will assist in identifying the era of the drum and indicate the possibility of forgery. They had 9mm bass drum shell and 6mm snare, floor tom and tom tom shells.

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Starphonic drums feature Tama's patented "Groove Hoops" and "Freedom Lugs" for quick head changes and increased sound quality. It features double-braced legs, die-cast joints, a reversible cymbal sleeve, and Tama's patented Cymbal Mate. They were produced for only a short time in the late s to early s.

As a matter of fact, They are down right cold when it comes to customer relations. Techstar — Electronic drums.

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Due to slow sales, however, the Starworks line was discontinued the following year. The shells produced extended overtones which many found cumbersome but adept professionals quickly tuned-in to the full potential of the drum—and amazing tone.

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The difficulty in date stamps is, more often than not, that the stamp has been rendered illegible Dating tama drums removed completely due to the wear and tear of the years. Metalworks — Snares made with a 1.

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These lugs allow the player to tune both drumheads at the same time using a special drum key, and minimizes the time spent on drumhead changes. Maple shell drums are made with 5 plies of maple and have 5mm Sound Control Rings.

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There is no information released on their site to account for their in house number system. One last thing to bear in mind: Last edited by bobdadruma; at A notable user of the Fibrestar series was Simon Phillips.

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The reply letter will contain nothing that will feel personal to you. Currently, the Superstar Classic series is made of all maple shells.

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All communications with them are done by snail mail and you will receive a form letter for an answer. These drums include Meinl HCS brass cymbals as standard equipment. These drums are made from birch and comes in two different configurations: Billy Cobham and Elvin Jones were early adopters of the Superstar.

In addition, the Keystone badge was reintroduced on certain models in the early '80s. The shells of these drums have been made from fibreglass and were covered with one ply plastic-foil, available in various colors.

They simply will not share anything with us and we can't easily share with them.

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Cobra Clutch - Attaches to the side of a hi-hat stand to allow the cymbals to be closed or open; a foot-controlled version of the drop-clutch Rhythm Watch - Metronome and practice tool.

Starclassic series[ edit ] The Starclassic series is one of Tama's high-end line of drums.