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Does naruto and hinata ever hook up, choose a video to embed

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Select 'Manage options' to set your data use and sharing choices. Well even though i don't think there will be any couples at the end since Naruto isn't really the romance type i really really hope that Narusasu will happen!!!

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I mean no offence to Sakura but I didn't see her risking her life for naruto. Naruto marries Hinata in the manga and they have two children;boy named Bolt, and a girl named Himawari.

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He even told him that they will die together so that they can finally understand each other in the after life without any hatred or fates and stuff!!! Even though Naurto's firstcrush was Sakura he doesn't end up with her as most boys don't endup with there first crushes.

She and team 8 have been teamed up with Team 7.

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Even in the spin-off, Lee doesn't even know it and brings Hinata to Tsunade when she faints. Naruto would get bored with her leniant behavior.

Not to mention that Sasuke is his dream and his priority,and then comes to become hokage!!!! If one dies so will the other.

Sasuke when he was little he didnt have time for love he was just focus on getting really strong and theres a lot of hints that i think will help narusaku be together like naruto mom said try finding someone like her and not a weird one.

Sakura does not have romantic feelings for him anymore. But then Naruto gets mad an uses the nine tale cloak and beats him. At this point I'm breezing through episodes and ended up skipping most of the last season since it mainly pertain to nostalgic filler episodes.

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This is what I hate about some NaruHina fans. As far as the manga has gone currently chapters Naruto hasn't actually "ended up" with anyone.

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Naruto grows closer to Hinata. I'm up to the part where Naruto just finished confronting Sasuke at that bridge after Sakura attempted to kill him, specifically I'm on episode