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The photographs are not just changed by the accompanying words; the words are like a final stage in the process of development and printing by which an image comes fully into being.

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There is, I mean, someone with whom we crave a similar record of shared experience and interaction. I really wanted to do such a book but was unable to think of anyone or anything the book might be about.

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Winogrand died inbefore I even knew he existed, but as the composition of the book proceeded, I came to feel that we were engaged in an ongoing visual and verbal conversation.

With Szarkowski as the best kind of guide — one whose itinerary allows interludes of undisturbed contemplation — we wind our way through the haunts of old Paris, emerging from time-shuttered streets into the open skies of the surrounding countryside.

A version of this article appears in print onon Page 12 of the Sunday Magazine with the headline: The dialogue between image and text in each book is complemented by the dialogue between the two books: With Cole, something like the opposite happens: The peculiarity of this undertaking — its extreme specificity in terms of form and subject matter — says something about the relationship we crave with the artists we most admire: From Center for Creative Photography, University of Arizona By Geoff Dyer April 18, Design-wise, the most famous collaboration between a writer and a photographer did not end up looking like much of a collaboration at all.

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As time went by, I became increasingly eager to do so. CreditPhotograph by Garry Winogrand. Byin an email exchange with Janet Malcolm in Essays about books and reading magazine, a note of desperation had entered into my thinking: But there is one form — the simplest in many ways — that permits and encourages a uniquely intimate relationship between writer and photographer.

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So I did it, and can go to my grave, on that score at least, with a degree of contentment. At all points in between, the word-image ratio shifts constantly between the writing informing the pictures and the pictures illustrating the writing.

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In my case, however, admirer and the object of his admiration were separated by years and could not be squeezed into the time or photographic frame. The best that could be hoped for was the intimate adjacency of the facing page.

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Prolific, profane and profound; harmoniously chaotic, inexhaustible and funny — it could be only Winogrand. And so the photographs serve as starting-off points for reflections on all sorts of things, including how photography has changed our view of the world: When it comes to the relationship between a critic or curator writing about photographers or photography, the results span the spectrum of exclusion, segregation and integration.

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At some level, any writer is also like the fan who asks for a selfie with the author who sits gratefully signing books. With few exceptions, writerly ambition tends not to operate at a grand level.

Writers tend to proceed incrementally, pecking their way ahead like recovering addicts, one paragraph, one book at a time.

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Szarkowski had always been a distinctive stylist, but this format enabled him to give free rein to his talents as a writer, which were usually securely tethered by curatorial obligation.