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In contrast, mestizos occupy a wide range of social and economic positions, while indigenous Indians are predominantly poor and working-class, often industrial and service workers in cities and peasants in the countryside.

The major axis of urbanization stretches diagonally across central Mexico from Puebla through Mexico City to Guadalajaraforming a nearly uninterrupted urban agglomeration.

Northern Mexico is overwhelmingly mestizo in both urban and rural areas. There are several areas where indigenous peoples are still the dominant population group.

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As is the case throughout Latin Americapeople of European descent and other lighter-skinned Mexicans dominate the wealthiest echelons of Mexican society, owing to racial discrimination and centuries of economic, political, and social policies favouring the inheritance of wealth.

The populations of the largest metropolitan areas are growing the most rapidly in absolute numbers, but the highest percentage increases have often been in small- and intermediate-sized cities.

By contrast, it was not until the midth century that large-scale ranching was introduced to northern Mexico.

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Within the hierarchy of Mexican urban places, Mexico City remains the undisputed apex, with a population several times that of the next largest city. See Article History Alternative Title: Religion There is no official religion in Mexico, as the constitution guarantees separation of church and state.

In the s there were more than urban centres with at least 50, Ethnic dating quiz.

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Fewer than one-tenth of American Indians speak an indigenous language. This syncretism is particularly visible in many village fiestas where ancestors, mountain spirits, and other spiritual forces may be honoured alongside Catholic saints.

These and other sprawling border centres are ringed by self-built and ramshackle houses. At the time Europeans arrived in the early s, what is now Mexico was inhabited by peoples who are thought to have migrated into the Americas from Asia tens of thousands of years ago by crossing a former land bridge in the Bering Strait.

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In many ways the indigenous civilizations of Mexico were more advanced than that of their Spanish conquerors.

Mining had the largest impact on population redistribution. Mosul contains many ancient buildings, some dating from the 13th century.

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Following Ethnic dating quiz arrival of Europeans, intermarriage resulted in an increasing mestizo population that over the centuries became the dominant ethnic group in Mexico. Settlement patterns Before the arrival of Europeans, the indigenous population was highly concentrated in the Central, West, and Southern Free cougar dating south africa regions.

Probably built on the site of an earlier Assyrian fortress, Mosul succeeded Nineveh as the Tigris bridgehead of the road that linked Syria and Anatolia with Persia.

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By the 8th century ce it had become the principal city of northern Mesopotamia.