Is Aria and Ezra off of Pretty Little Liars together in real life Is Aria and Ezra off of Pretty Little Liars together in real life

Ezra fitz and aria dating in real life, 1. they will never date

In the winter premiere for the fifth season, Alison is arrested for Mona's Murder after evidence is provided against her, but it is later revealed that Mona was working with "A" to frame Alison because that's what "A" wanted and Mona wanted to find out "A's" identity.

Had a relationship with Jason.

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In season 4, Aria and Ezra get back together while Aria was still dating Jake. She moves back to Rosewood with her family after living in Iceland for a year. Clark Wilkins Titus Makin Jr. The whole class stares at Aria wondering why Mr. In the season four summer finale, the Liars find a lair that they believe belongs to "A" and we see that Ezra is the owner, leading fans to believe him to be "A".

Kissed Wesley while dating his brother. He seemed to forgive Aria and their relationship is better. Fitz is released from jail and the whole thing wasnt made public so no one knew except for the police. She is the one to reveal the liars Aria's allegiance to the A.

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Clark is later revealed to be an undercover cop, hired to protect Aria. She clarified her real identity and he revealed Spencer and everything to her.

In season 3, Byron and Ella have divorced and Ella has moved out of the house. Kissed Andrew while dating Ezra.

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Fitz riding his bike through town. After the game ends, Alex goes back to London but returns a year later to kidnap Spencer and take her place, along with Mary and Mona's help. She is revealed to be alive and on the run from "A. He blames Aria for the trouble between their parents.

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Eventually, Aria found out her parents were secretly getting back together, and Ella decides to move back in. In the season five mid season finale, she is killed by Big "A" after acquiring information that proves Alison is Big "A".

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Spencer and Ezra escape and Alex is detained. He invites her to dinner at his place to talk and she accepts. Aria goes to watch one of Holden's fights and she sees how much he loves to fight.

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When Aria threatens to reveal his affair to his boss, he backs off from her but gets Ezra fired from Hollis. Taking risks at school In " To Kill a Mocking Girl ," Aria slips into Ezra's classroom between classes to ask what his plans are for the weekend.

He does not turn gayer attested for five years!! She had the baby which Ezra believed was his son, Malcolm and Ezra didn't find out about it until the child was 7 years old. He returned to Rosewood to begin working with Jenna and possibly A.

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She is shown as Dating ww2 helmets sweet and shy character. Possibly unbeknownst to Big "A", she secretly gives Maya's website to Hanna in code, leading them to eventually discover that Nate killed Maya.

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Aria regretfully ended their relationship because it was becoming too complicated. She's not ready to tell her friends yet, so they keep it a secret, only for the girls to spy them together at the end of Shadow Play.

Fitz outside the movie theatre where she is seeing It Happened One Night with her mom.

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Fitz and Aria stay together in Pretty Little Liars? Friends Holden Strauss Shane Coffey seasons 2—3, 7 is a childhood friend of Aria's who returns with his family from a year abroad in Portugal in the middle of Season 2.

Ezra fitz and aria dating in real life

They sit next to each other uncomfortably for the duration of the film. He has feelings for Aria and briefly dates her, ending things when he discovers that Aria is seeing Ezra.