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Fan Works In Gender ConfusionDeidara and his ex-girlfriend are actually friendly enough that she invites him to her wedding. Their relationship is so amicable that virtually every other character at one point or another suggests that they never broke up at all.

In Doctor Strange Stephen and Christine work together and used to be lovers prior to the start of the film, leading Christine to now follow "The Strange Rule" and not date colleagues, but the two still clearly have feelings for each other and she attempts to help him through his depression after a car accident leaves him unable to use his hands to perform surgery, at least until he pushes her away in an angry outburst and goes off to Nepal searching for a cure.

Rachel's parents, Dan and Naomi, are uncomfortable spending time together, but they'll do it.

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In Badly Drawn RoyRoy and his girlfriend Ruth eventually break up since they couldn't take the relationship to the next levelbut they remained friends.

In The Traitor Son Cycleit's implied rather heavily that before the Red Knight started his mercenary company, him and Sauce were lovers.

In Definitely, MaybeRyan Reynolds ' character and his ex-wife were amicably friendly when together at a trip with their daughter Maya at the end of the movie. Though nobody is except from Ron the Death Eaterthere's a trend for Dragon Ball Z fans who ship Vegeta with anyone other than Bulma to portray the two of them as this.

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It's no surprise, then, when Sunny and Jesse end up hooking up in a Crossover between their series. One of Gerald Morris's Arthurian novels, The Ballad of Sir Dinadan, has the hero end the book by going to find his female companion, who is currently training to be a nun.

Music The point of Gwen Stefani 's "Cool": Animal jokes Similarities between a prostitute and bungee jumping: Omaha the Cat Dancer had the title character being forced to confess that she was married to a long separated man, but never formally divorced.

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Today, Ellen is married with two children and lives in New York, and Sherrie is married with a teenage daughter and lives in New Jersey. We wrote to each other once a week for the next eight years. Tyrion with Sansa, asking after her wellbeing in Season 7 when Jon visits Dragonstone.

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Granted, they initially pose as a couple and they do have an important common purpose, but given the stressful circumstances one would expect them to get on each other's nerves at some point and show some signs of resentment.

A same sex example in the first volume of Secret Six is Scandal Savage and Jeannette, who were a couple when they were imprisoned in a gulag together but didn't work out in the long run for unspecified reasons.

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Jerry Seinfeld and Elaine. It's revealed later in the series that the death of Elena's parents was the final nail in the coffin of her romantic relationship with him, and while he still has feelings for her through most of the series, they remain good friends. Played for Laughs when Jenny takes home another girl after her first lesbian crush, only to find that their awkward fumblings lack chemistry.

She tries to tell Seth this when she breaks up with him, but he doesn't understand and is furious. In fact, they both count as being among each other's best friends.

It probably helps that Vegeta and Bulma started out as just a one-time hookup, and he's often paired with Goku, who has a wife most fanfic writers seem to find easier to demonize. Inez is also friendly with her other ex-husband, Marvin.

Even though they're no longer an item they clearly care for each other a great deal and have no apparent resentment or hard feelings over their breakup, and encourage each other to pursue new relationships.

That doesn't stop anyone, including Hachiken and Yoshino, from acting like they were dating and broke up, but are still on good terms.

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Despite having a pretty messy break-up, and an even messier break-up of their band, they remained close enough that Calliope joined Josh's new detective agency even though it's implied she dislikes it. In Kill la Kill AUwe have Ragyo and Soichiro, who actually still love each other and, after the events of Comic 25, seemed to have gotten back together along with the fact that they do live together and spend time togethermaking that also a case of Divorce Is Temporary.

Parker's Sunny Randall and her ex-husband Richie still spend quite a bit of time together, to the detriment of their other relationships.

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Zeb and Maggie from Robert A. Yaichi and Natsuki in My Brother's Husbandto the point that when Mike sees them together he can't understand why they got divorced.

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Also Cordelia and Wesley, whose smoldering UST when they met in Buffy the Vampire Slayer came to a head with their first kiss — which quickly became their very awkward and physically uncomfortable last kiss.

Santa Claus Santa Claus comes to a psychiatrist and says: The discussions other long-lived Howards have about their marriages suggest that it's a common phenomenon with them.


Which is weird, I know, because we slept together and Also seems to be the case with Bonnie and Jeremy—they still seem to care about each other, but there has been no indication that they intend to resume their relationship. Drive it straight into the garage. In this case the split was because their parents married young and eventually realized that they simply didn't work as a couple and the stress from his job as a police detective pushed them apart.