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Experiment with new eyeshadow colors, eyeliner techniques a dramatic cat eye can look greator lip gloss shades. Make sure everyone has the clothing and supplies they need to avoid any last-minute disasters.

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Before You Leave Make sure you get plenty of pictures of your friends before you head off to prom. And see her previous post on Girlfriendology: Take turns giving one another manicures.

For some of us, it was just a minute or two ago. Layering several sparkly rhinestone necklaces is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Wear a statement necklace to add drama to a more basic dress silhouette.

Trim your nails, moisturize your cuticles, and apply polish.

Share your stories in the comments section. Get yourselves in a party mood by playing your favorite music. General Planning Ideas Give yourselves plenty of time to get ready; at least several hours are generally necessary.

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Some of us are getting ready for prom or helping our kids get ready for prom. The time really has nothing to do with our age, right? Hidden Benefits of Girlfriend Workouts.

Prom Night: Get Ready with Friends | Advice from Girlfriend Maire Hunter - Med Grapher

If your dress is easy to get on, it typically makes sense to do your hair and makeup first. Wear a button-up shirt to prevent your hairdo from getting messed up or your makeup from smudging.

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Putting on a fun, party-themed movie in the background is another great option. Girlfriendology does share affiliate links from time to time. Find a nail polish hue that perfectly matches your dress or use classic nude for a timeless look.

The exciting day is nearly here!

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We want to know: Plan ahead to make sure everything goes smoothly as you get ready. The more friends are involved, the longer it will take you all to get ready as everyone vies for mirror space or hairstyling supplies.

Fill them in on your dinner plans, the duration of prom, and when and where any after-prom events are occurring. If your dress makes a bold statement on its own, keep your accessories simple; consider a basic chain necklace or a cuff bracelet.

Sounds like the winning combination for a wonderful new year! Review your basic plans with your Cartoons hook up. The perfect pieces can transform your outfit.

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Have your friends bring extra supplies. She has had the opportunity to get several of her nieces and cousins ready for proms from rhinestone necklaces to the perfect up-do and limo.

Getting Dressed and Ready Practice your makeup in the days leading up to the prom.

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She still has a shrine to her Senior prom four years later.