The Potentiometer And Wiring Guide - Build Electronic Circuits The Potentiometer And Wiring Guide - Build Electronic Circuits

Hook up potentiometer, what is a potentiometer?

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This material creates resistance. Hook up potentiometer out the wiring Atari hook up at the end to see it in action.

Variable resistors are useful for the following: Note that the positive side of the buzzer goes into the wiper of the potentiometer. Turn the shaft of the potentiometer one direction and the resistance increases. Having the same function, they can increase or decrease the gain of a microphone by adjusting the resistance values of the potentiometer.

The above image shows a simple circuit to dim an LED.

Potentiometer Wiring

If you have a pot with an A label on it it has a logarithmic taper: This is how a potentiometer works. Experiment with different terminal connections on the potentiometer, noting the changes in motor speed control.

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If your potentiometer has a high resistance as measured between the two outer terminalsthe motor might not move at all until the wiper is brought very close to the connected outer terminal. In figure 1 the pot has a total resistance of 10kOhms, so if the pot is turned all the way to the left the resistance between the two black wires is 10kOhms.

In this case, the resistance cannot be adjusted, since no part of the circuit is connected to the wiper terminal, which gives the adjustment for a potentiometer. However, this makes an educational point of how a potentiometer Hook up potentiometer function if you connect it this way.

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And how does that affect the resistance? When you move the wiper to the left side, the resistance between the middle pin and the left pin decreases. You can move the point where the wiper connects to the carbon strip by turning the shaft of the potentiometer. And when you decrease the volume, you're increasing the resistance of the potentiometer.

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If you hook up a potentiometer so that you connect the input source to one lead terminal and the output to the other lead terminal while disregarding the wiper, it will function just like a fixed resistor. This means the resistance of the material inside the pot is uniform for all positions of the knob.

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Technically, a variable resistor is known as a rheostat, but potentiometers can be made to function as rheostats quite easily. Between the two side pins of the potentiometer there is a strip of resistive material.

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In other words, it will no longer function as a variable resistance: One thing you might want to keep in mind when using this technique is the taper of your pot.

When the resistance of the potentiometer is decreased, the gain of the signal increases. The direction of motion required to increase or decrease resistance may be changed by using a different set of terminals: