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They probably deserve to be the king and queen of this trope. Lois Fairchild and Mason Dixon, after having perhaps thirty seconds of screen-time together before this, fall passionately in love in the last sixty seconds and sing the beautiful romantic duet appropriately titled "Love Theme from Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" before literally Walking Off Into The Sunset Together.

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A good handful of writers even had Joker openly flirting with Batman and Lex Luthor to amp up his creepiness. In the case of Naruto and Hinatatheir hookup was resolved in a canonical movie appropriately titled The Last, set between the second last chapter and the last chapter of the manga.

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In the last few minutes of the final episode, Takeshi struggles to ask Liz out on a date. Alas, their relationship has been put back a level again for the second season, following the manga.

However, like Hermione and Ron, it still suffers on account of how much is left out.

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He's the hero, his primary love interest the Big BadHaman Khan is dead, and his Unlucky Childhood Friend Elle is more-or-less hooked up with Beecher, so Roux the only unattached girl on the Gundam Team is elected despite having no more subtext with him than any other female major character.

Again, the film tries to avert this.


This sometimes overlaps with Strangled by the Red String when it's done especially badly, but it can also serve as damage control for that trope, though there is a risk of any of these happening in unexpected sequels.

Fairy tales often leave off with the couple overcoming the problem at hand, having a kiss and proceeding to "live Happily Ever After ".

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Jane Austen seems to prefer spending more time on the conflict arising from bad relationships than on the good relationships. The relationships with their partners conveniently end so they can end up together on the last page, leaving many questions as to how they would live together and deal with each other's and their own character flaws unanswered.

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Of course, Bond being Bond he's usually slept with them once, or at least kissed them, before that. Thanks to a Relationship Writing Fumblehe and Ukyo don't even manage to pull this trope off, as Ukyo never expresses any sign of returning Konatsu's one-sided crush.

Over the course of the story, Riho develops from muggle Girl Friday to Secret Keeper to vampire daughter and finally to lover of the Vampire Detective protagonist.

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While this may seem practical, it also allows the show to avoid the squicky-to-ten-year-olds portrayal of physical intimacy between the two romantically linked characters. Harry and Karrin finally almost-acknowledge their feelings for each other and manage to set up a date, but Harry gets shot and dies just before the date can happen.

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It also conveniently gives the hero a chance to demonstrate his manliness by becoming a desire magnet for every hot villainess and Damsel in Distress who comes to town. The KyoAni adaptation had Nagisa and Tomoya hook up during the final episode of the first season.

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Then the last chapter is a Babies Ever After Distant Finale with the romantic relationships somehow resolved off-screen during the Time Skip.

The actual romance between the two was hardly ever seen from Harry's perspective.

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In HolidayJohn and Linda wait until the very last shot of the movie to make their relationship official.