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They look like a computer mouse and have 12 parallel tracking channels. Gave about 5 watts on 12 volts, power still too low for reliable tracking in and out of city. This Speed dating la plata if you want to plug it into a PC and use it with Street Atlas.

I have the feedthrus on it for the antennas and just stuff the GPS and all the cables inside when I pack up.

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Portable devices are wireless and battery powered so they can easily be moved around, but hardwired vehicle tracking devices are powered by the vehicle that they are tracking, and must be wired in. It is a bit larger than a Weller soldering gun case.

Then it was back to the GPS program for a test and reset.

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LED readout a power hog. Worked pretty well, but poor RX sensitivity. But for the relative size and unobtrusiveness, I guess I could stand it. If installed too far below the dash, the GPS tracker device's signal quality may deteriorate.

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It is great to be able to see whether my tracker unit is helping other users make APRS contacts. This is the commercial equivalent.

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I have no idea what happened- they just lost satellites and no amount of programming or resetting would help. I Hookup tracker it was designed for that old Icom GPS.

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It is small, light, delivers about 30 watts and runs great. He doesn't reinstall it twice a week. Hookup tracker Paccomm one was an early unit.

This will eliminate any possibility of feedback when the device is transmitting.

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Ran van battery down all the time. It has flown to the Cuban border in a Cessna with the Brothers To The Rescue and has also been a part of numerous special events. I can't remember where it got power, but I rewired it to get power from pin 25 of the KPC Finally, connect the ground wire see wiring diagram for specific device to the ground wire on the device.

I've never noticed any degradation of signal.

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Next, I got one of the 6 channel Motorola Oncore units. Try to mount it in the rear deck of your car if you can. If you use the Motorola, folks will be pointing and trying to tell you that you left your gas cap on the car roof or trunk.


Yes, Peter drives all over the place, but always has his setup in his truck. I was always afraid something would reset the GPS and I would stream posits out every second. It had all 9 pin connectors, so I had to change the TNC plug. GPS antennas I've used two:

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