Iloilo Real Estate Notes and Snapshots | My Philippine Life Iloilo Real Estate Notes and Snapshots | My Philippine Life

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No matter how fit you may seem now, chances are that you may have major and possibly disabling illnesses in your future.

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More transient flooding can be caused by poor drainage. Buy this land, keep the part you want to build on and sell the balance. Hire two or three workers.

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From San Joaquin Town Proper. Forty blocks are made with one bag of concrete.

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Not much filling is necessary. Iloilo Real Estate Attorney.

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Calagan, from Bisayan calag: You can sell it when you are done. Generally speaking, there are two types of sellers; those who hold real estate as an investment and are willing to wait as long as it takes to get the price they want. Do you homework before buying a lot anywhere in Iloilo City.

Some of the possible advantages of buying property and living in a subdivision.

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Name of Western Samar province changed to Samar. The first was by the seller.

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There are also some Spanish names bestowed by the colonists, and a few that have been translated into English. Biliran province split from Leyte, following a referendum; Guimaras province split from Iloilo, following a referendum. Just a few days ago, I happened to saw a post of Johan Concepcion in a Facebook travel group for Philippine backpackers and travelers.

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The same is true with filling. The joint venture is later named Southeast Asia Food Inc. Some have guards, but the streets are filled with pedicab drivers and other hangers-about.

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