Lorde makes friends with porn star James Deen on Twitter | Daily Mail Online Lorde makes friends with porn star James Deen on Twitter | Daily Mail Online

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The director also described how his first choice for the role of Tara was model Monica Gambee, not Lohan.

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However Gambee 'balked at doing the [screen] test' after hearing porn star Deen was being consider as the male lead at the time. Schrader openly admits his fears in signing up the actress, based on her 'track history' - and told her he would only consider her if she 'agreed to the 'micro budget salary, did a screen test and completed Liz and Dick on schedule'.

Lohan uses cutlery as a prop as she discusses the choreography of her love scene with Deen Advertisement.

I had planned that weekend to cast her both her and Sean Brosnan as the leads, but that plan unravelled. But when Monica heard that we were also considering James Deen, she balked at doing the test. Two weeks later; I came to LA again, screen tested Lindsay and everything that has made her such an interesting screen presence came alive in that test.

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It took another week weeks to negotiate her backend compensation. But The Canyons will be his first mainstream movie - and Deen has spoken candidly about his different approach to love scenes for the film.

He said he was initially considering giving her a cameo role - but was persuaded by her at a meeting at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood to give her a go at the lead role.

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It then became one thing one thing after another, and finally, she never came in for the screen test. I decided to use her. I had originally planned to cast Monica Gambee, a model Match making event posted her audition on letitcast.

We talked for a long time about it and even used props.

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The point of all this is that the three of us talked about how each shot was going to go and the choreography of each scene. I was surprised how solid her reading was. Share this article Share It appears Lohan and Deen are finding the necessary chemistry, with the porn star sharing details of his rehearsals with the Mean Girls star on his blog.

Braxton and I were quite blunt, explaining we were paying for this ourselves and had no completion insurance and were uncomfortable with her track history.