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His house was being searched as part of an investigation into an alleged assault case.

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This is a price too good to pass up! Naruto is willing to forgive the village at large for treating him as an outcast, largely because of a few people namely, IrukaShikamaru, Chouji, and Kiba who considered him a nuisance at first but didn't shun him outright and because he believes that more than anything, he must believe in himself.

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Subverted again when Izumi forgives Edward and Alphonse for disobeying her repeated warnings to not attempt human transmutation Played straight with Rebecca when she attempts to kill Luffy.

Sure, some of the cars that emerge from the shop are show boats, but for the most part the cars end up as fairly mild customs that sell for less than stratospheric amounts of cash. However, he was shot into the national spotlight after his self-titled series debuted in Nonetheless, Jonathan Bennett has moved on from his Mean Girls days and is now a spin class instructor.

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However, sometimes, the show takes it to the next level. Despite causing the most destructive War in ninja history, indirectly killing Minato and Kushina, killing the seven Jinchuuriki around the world, making the Bloody Mist worst Mai, however, realizes she was brainwashed the whole time and it was actually Shiho who was responsible for Takumi's deathand decides not to hold it against Mikoto, even telling her up front that she loves her though probably not in that way.

He bought some land and built a shopping plaza out of shipping containers, naming the shopping center Pawn Plaza. Krillin is noticeably shorter than his wife 18 and practically every other character of the series Gohan was the same height as him when he was four years old.

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Kouta does not forgive Lucy for killing his little sister Kanae and their father. At the end of the series Sasuke is forgiven for literally everything, Kakashi Hokage at the time gives him an official pardon, and he even marries Sakura and has a daughter with her.

Kids from the ship aside, there's also the evil conspiracy that purposely caused the whole incident, hounded them nearly to death, and blew up an inhibited world.

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In Mobile Suit Gundam Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star is infamous for taking it easy on some real scumbags as long as they show the slightest shred of decency. Satisfied, Luffy uses his rubber powers to bring him aboard the ship. Villetta is easily forgiven by Ohgi for shooting and incapacitating him during the Black Rebellion.

However, her little brother on her breakout show Clarissa Explains It All, seemed to disappear out of the limelight.

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Coleman refused and a fight ensued.