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You might need to travel as a part of your work or profession, which might take you away from your home for a major part of the year. Therefore by the practice of this technique of the first Kriya, you are to prepare your body field for genuine meditation in order to get the state of spirituality for the purpose of attaining the stage of God-Realization.

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The Career Horoscope would help you to have a sneak-peek into your future. In the first Kriya the rotation of the Kundalini power is not under your Revert muslim dating site. Not only would this Career Horoscope help you sail through the difficulties that might cross your path, but also assist you in utilising the golden opportunities so that you can make this year better for yourself.

There are two lobes in the brain — right lobe and left lobe.

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You are advised to stay polite and refrain from talking rudely to anyone. Now I am telling how these thoughts or our all these stored up impressions come up and disturb us.

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It is self movement or the auto-rotation of the Kundalini. You might consider changing your job profile or designation for your betterment, and increments and promotions would go hand in hand.

This rotation of the Kundalini power takes place through informal kriya and the first and the second stages of second Kriya not inside the backbone, but inside the opening Sushumna. Importance of Mahamudra in Kriya Yoga: Then with the practice of the same Pranayam, bend your whole body right sidewise.

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Similarly, criticism from peers needs to be taken in a constructive light. A job change is predicted towards the end of the year. While the exports business would expand and lead to benefits, the agencies involved in imports might suffer unexpected losses.

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Opening of the Sushumna chord is taken as the starting point of Kriya meditation. Those who are involved in administration and management can face obstacles, which need to be tackled before they pose serious problems. That is why the opening of Sushumna is the foundation on which the Kriya practitioner is to construct his spiritual palace of liberation of Self- Realiation.

Treating seniors with respect at home as well as in office would help you pave your way to success.

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Balance of the mind will give rise to stillness of the mind. Greet the rising Sun early in the morning. Natives involved in Service Sector will flourish in this year.

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