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This lake is a popular tourist attraction.

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Bradlaugh Hall, Rattigan Road, Lahore. The timing is from 8 am to 2 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm during summer. Despite a ruined fort and a baoli-a bathing pool - this heritage sight has a temple, a Gurudwara and a mosque which bespeak of the secular concerns of the Maharaja.

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In the background of the photograph one can see the cupolas of the Punjab Public Library. This place was called Uttarvedi when King Kuru settled here. The sanctuary also has a small artificial lake, which is fed by rainfall.

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For the British, Punjab was a frontier province, because Lahore had boundaries with Afghanistan. The facilities offered by the hotel include laundry service, safe deposit and CCTC security.

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It is believed that this is the place where Krishna recited Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna. Based on the excavations carried out in many parts of Kurukshetra it can be said that this place existed before the Harappan civilization. It is said that people first worshipped Shiva in the form of Lingam here. This is another place in Kurukshetra that has a connection with the Mahabharata.

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We at Lahore escorts provide you the latest and the most sexy and chick girls as escorts. After a series of closely fought battles, the Sikh army was finally defeated in the Battle of Gujratsixty miles north of Lahore.

Cool water was offered by Kauravas but he refused to drink it. Rare Aerial View of Lahore in Lahore dating places