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I really like this idea and the ghost!

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Meets third Saturday of every month at Center9pm. Our unique reporting systems allows the entire community to set the standards.

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Denger 6 years ago Reply Great concept, but now you've piqued my curiosity. Try anything don't give up.

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Have found several sites that have good selection of the tools but none of those which I currently have a need for. All you need to do is remember your password don't forget it and no one needs to ever know you joined our bondage and BDSM personals!

Their goal is 'to promote corporal punishment for pain, pleasure and fantasy'. As well as a considerable range of fetishes, including, foot fetish, bondage, latex, leather, rubber, water sports, costumes, sex with food and more!


Cordelin oldanvilyoungsmith 7 years ago Reply The mythbusters had it wrong, heating and quenching in oil is not case hardening, and will not work on steel that is low in carbon, as most general nails are. Hardened surfaces with a giving shaft.

Try it and see.

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No bot generated fakes Did you know that some paid Leather dating sites add their own fake member profiles to encourage you to upgrade your account? A correspondence club for men into feet, footwear and related scenes.

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Try pyrography on leather and another world opens up. For women with motorcycles, emphatically not a 'leather' organization. I am always seeking different items to use along with my commercially produced tools and it keeps this old man young, in some ways.

Social, educational and political organization for gay men interested in SM.


I used small 1 ton arbor press, available from Harbor Freight, for nearly everthing I have mentioned. Public meetings second Wednesday, except July and August, at the Center. Society Of Spankers -- at Paddlesevery Thursday 8pm - 2am.