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We would like to use it this Christmas but do not know how to wire the transformer. For one train operation posts B and C on this transfprmer are not used.

However, the matriarchal, watt ZW transformer is still the hobbyist's preference because of its history of performance, endurance, and reliability? I don't recall what the sequence on your locomotive is.

Any help would be appreciated. It has a lever contol for the volts, hook up old lionel transformer black whistle button and red direction button. Specifically, the KW transformer provided by Lionel can be very confusing, as it is capable of providing power to two separate track circuits, complicating setup.

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What you want to do is to connect the terminal marked U to the center rail, and the one marked A to the outside rail. It is located closest to the wiring thumbscrews.

Leon is quite correct about the CTT forum being the best place to ask questions about 3 rail trains. How to I hook up old lionel transformer this to the clips on the rail 3 rail system?

If you have switches, you probably shouldn't try to bend the pins as it may damage the switch. Slide either outer rail into the metal lip of the Lock-On.

Select a straight track section where you wish to install the Lighted Lock-On. Dongan Transformers started business by making voltmeters and ammeters for the budding auto industry in Posted by 8ntruck on Sunday, December 13, 1: Place one train on each of the two newly powered tracks.

It features sound like something off Lionel transformer hook up Detroit auto assembly line in the midth century, and interestingly enough, the Lionel transformer is not very far removed from the auto industry.

Add more straight pieces in pairs if you want a bigger oval, in either direction.

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Paul Martin began writing in while studying at Christendom College, Va. Lionel Track About Lionel Transformers Described as having tank-like heft, sturdy as the Rock of Gibraltar, and so fortified as to appear impenetrable, the Lionel transformer is remembered by anyone whose fetish for electric toy trains started in the s or earlier.

Init actually moved to Detroit to be closer to the action. Connect one set of wires to these screws, one wire to each screw, and secure them in place with the screwdriver. The whistle and direction handle on the has nothing to do with the terminals on the back of the unit. It's a good thing you asked, because your assumption is quite flawed.

Wrap the opposite end of the wire attached to the common grounding terminal around the post marked "2" on the Lock-On. A varying line of Lionel transformer models ensued, many found by connecting with reliable eBay sellers online.

Tell us more about your layout, and we can make informed wiring recommendations. Voltage, and train speed increases when the right hand control lever is turned clockwise. Power up the transformer.

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Warning Never plug in the transformer before you complete your wiring. I have no written material on the set at all. To do this, position two pins on the track to define the ends of the track section you want to isolate from the other, then attach one wired clip to each of the isolated sections.

You sound the whistle by moving the left hand lever to the left turning it clockwise. Then tighten down the thumbscrew ensuring good bare wire contact with the threaded post and a secure connection. Posts B and U will provide a variable voltage of 0 to 11 volts, controlled by the throttle.

Keep asking questions, as there are people here that will know the answer, or we will start a discussion and figure the answer out. However some of us do get around.