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As for the fic itself it is nothing short of a masterpiece. Lead your team out of this building and into the next cluster of buildings, where you will stumble upon some very light defense.

Only one more wave left.

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Sarah Williams randori-girl ward The conversation with Captain Bailey collects quite a bit of intel on a variety of subjects. Jack about stealing a military craft: Have had other species become attracted to me before.

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Pick off the enemies and start heading down to the main level. You will find Jedore by following the linear path down to her. Ashley does have qualms about facing the Reapersclaiming she's infantry and will have no place in the upcoming battles but Shepard assures her that she's needed.

Vega, Essex and Milque are captured and paralyzed by the Collectors while Treeya is forced away by Messner, who is actually working for the Collectors.

Ashley Williams

Either hand her the files she asked for now or later. Before going in, Vega orders Kamille and Essex to guard the entrance.

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Later, during the mission debriefing, Admirals Anderson and Hackett commend him for his actions and give the squad new orders to act as security detail for the colony.

Shouldn't have left the thing unlocked.

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Walk through the door to come face-to-face with the famed and much hated Archangel, whose identity should come as a surprise to the player. Vega, Essex and Milque then proceed to defend the shuttle from incoming Collector troopers, using Brood's store of heavy weapons. From here, you can get your first encounter with vorcha and learn about the plight of a young, stranded quarian at Kenn's Salvage.


Ask him to show you the way to the lab, but will decline your invitation to join up and stay behind instead. Extract as much information as you can from the cocky Aria before you take your leave. Jack gets released, but looks like she may need our help.

Mason and Milque then arrive in the nick of time and seal off the Collectors' approach by causing a cave-in. Hey Rupert, there's something different about tonight's meal! Initiation Edit James' commendation for attempting to save the Fehl Prime colonists is reported on by Alliance News Networkbut the details of what actually happened remain fully classified.

This path leads to the Gozu District.

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Keep in mind also that if Archangel ever falls it's an automatic mission fail. Not on us, of course.

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Very little sex drive. Treeya sighs exasperatingly and goes back to the tram, annoyed. Tali is busy tending to her wounded companions, but Veetor is nowhere to be found at the moment.

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Carefully inch your way toward them for a cleaner shot. Bounty hunters aren't dependable.

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She totes a rocket launcher and both aspects of defense, so she can be a tough cookie. It has been censored at transmission source for security purposes.

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He relents once Messner asserts Cerberus is looking for a cure to the seeker swarm paralysis too.