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And luckily all my co-actors and Sanaya especially was really helpful. Favourite actor in Bollywood: February 1, 5: Sanaya loves animals and is very fond of dogs!

Sanaya Irani Slam Book: Sanaya Irani TV Serials: Chanchan worked in an Ashram.

Sanaya Irani

Even the girl who played Sheena felt the same about him and used to tell me in my room how arrogant he was, and I used to tell her that he was not really like that because he takes time to mingle with people.

We guess the couple wanted a place that allowed them to explore different things. That you guys are in love with each other? Mohit loves cooking and he cooks a lot of healthy food for himself as well as for his sweetheart Sanaya.

It's none other than the play boy and the charming Samrat and Gunjan, oh sorry!!!

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Sanaya participated in Meethi Choori No. Friendship happened much later and it took nearly three months for us to become friends. However, the lovebirds are in no hurry to get married right now. The best compliment she ever received: He probably must have felt that I was not fit in his category of friends list.

This was because we did not want our parents to know about our relation from others.

Relationship Timeline

Here, she will be seen playing the role of a young village bride named Paarvati who believes in love. Gradually, Samrat and Gunjan realize their intense love for each other and get into a relationship.

Because, even if the man is well settled with hell loads of money and if the person is not capable enough to work and earn, then again you are in trouble.

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The Show will deal with how Rudra and Paarvati get attracted to each other and fall in love despite their ideologies being completely opposite. Marriage would Mohit sehgal dating sanaya irani devoting a lot of time to each other and at present neither of them seem to be ready for it.

The talented actress was also seen in many popular reality shows. In this daily soap, she essayed the role of sweet, simple and bubbly Khushi opposite Barun Sobti who played the role of a rich and arrogant business tycoon named Arnav Singh Raizada.

Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal wedding pictures!

But ultimately, they fall in love. Sanaya is an avid traveller and Mohit too has some wanderlust. And since it was my first show, I wanted everything to be good and was nervous too.

Chanchan is a modern girl who resides in Ahmedabad along with her family.

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But till date we never knew why we were laughing. Sanaya is not at all romantic whereas Mohit is a very romantic person. Miley Jab Hum Tum ran for two years.

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With Greece spelling old world romance, we can expect these two to be on seventh heaven. Their wedding was one of the most anticipated events of the year in the TV industry.

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Even though matters had been published earlier about us, we did not give any confirmation and whenever the media contacted us, we used to say no comments.