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Military officer basic training, technical training, schooling, advancement, time commitment, and of course, officer pay are all elements that barely resemble that of the enlisted side. They will very frequently be assigned supervisory roles-making sure that what needs to be done gets done.

In addition, participation in high school sports, and service organizations is essential. While the service academies teach military history, discipline, and instill military values in addition to academics for degree requirements, officer candidate schools focus solely on the military aspect since their students already hold a degree.

Being a good Officer requires leadership skills, and the ability to create energy and morale where there may not be any.

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While Officers tend to be perceived as having greater respect, one cannot expect to be handed respect in the armed forces without earning it. While those who already have a degree are commissioned upon graduation from a short Officer Candidate School, ROTC and Service Academy students must first complete requirements for a bachelor's degree.

Service Academies If you are up to the challenge of a rigorous and disciplined four-year college program, you may be interested in one of the military service academies. The theory is that the raised education bar filters out many would be candidates, allowing only a special, select few to take on the important duties of the military officer.

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Some people already possess a degree and enter the military through one of the Officer Candidate Schools, while some are high school graduates and attend a service academy or a civilian college while participating in an ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps program.

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Most enlisted members enter the military in the lowest pay grade E-1 and work their way up the ladder to positions of leadership and greater responsibility. It can be argued that this accountability is what justifies the drastically compelling difference in pay for officers.

Duties and Pay The biggest differences between officer and enlistees, of course, comes down to what each does from day to day, and what compensation is provided at the end of each pay period.

All service academies with the exception of the Coast Guard Academy require that applicants compete for nominations from their Congressman or Senator. For more information and settings, go to Privacy Centre.

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Get personalised ads from our trusted partners This doesn't mean more ads, it means personalised ones. As a military officer, you must not only have acquired a high school diploma and pass the ASVAB, but also must have successfully completed a four year college degree.

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