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This bottle dates from the s or more likely the early 20th century as it has a tooled double ring finish, blown in a cup-bottom mold, and has numerous air venting marks.

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Very few 19th and early 20th century medicines were actually formally patented; thus, the use of the term "proprietary" as most of these products were simply the proprietary product of a particular individual or company AMA The Hellenophile emperor Hadrian is renowned for his relationship with Antinous.

The company did, however, produce several other medicines for clearly internal use including a couple types of sarsaparilla, "Itch Ointment", "Kreosote Toothache Drops", and "Balm of X Thousand Flowers" - some of which could have been contained in this generic type bottle Odell Photos courtesy of www.

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However, the company avowed its medicinal qualities in its advertising by stating: It is unknown whether this powder was ever actually used. By the s and beyond, driven by the increasing regulations prompted by the Pure Food and Drugs Act, bitters as a medicinal product diminished and the product became more of a flavoring for mixed drinks which is the primary use today e.

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Note the large air bubble in the picture. Sign In to your account to avoid repeating this across your devices.

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Villard, in which he argues that the adelphopoiia liturgy was evidence that attitude of the Christian church towards homosexuality has changed over time, and that early Christians did on occasion accept same-sex relationships.

It had a research library Outsourcing statement thesis a large archive, and included a marriage and sex counseling office.

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Because of fear of retaliation, however, those weapons were never used against Westerners, but against other Asians judged "inferior" by imperial propaganda. Although this particular bottle is very uncommon, the oval in cross-section flattened shape is common to medicinal bottles made during the mid 19th century as well as later.

Dozens of "categories" that could be covered separately are not simply because there are too many. In addition to poor warning systems, civilians often did not have access to effective gas masks. This product was first produced at least as early as and continued as late asthough most embossed bottles appear to date from the late s into the early to mids shades of olive green, amber, and aqua; virtually always pontiled through at least the s to early s.

The embossing is all on one side and as follows: For more information and settings, go to Privacy Centre.

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According to a period recipe for "Boker's Bitters," besides water the basic ingredient for the product was - not surprisingly - whiskey along with " Overall, the dating of these type bottles follows quite well the guidelines presented throughout this website and summarized on the Bottle Dating page; see that page for more information.

It was a very popular - and undoubtedly high alcohol - product during the s and s. The large, dark olive green black glass square medicinal bottle pictured to the right most likely dates from the s or early s and is covered in the "Sarsaparilla" section later on this page.

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Having gained the wind of the French, he came down upon them with violence; and gassing a great quantity of quicklime, which he purposely carried on board, he so blinded them, that they were disabled from defending themselves.

Some of same shaped bottles carried over from the "early" period well into the decades after the Civil War; the Swaim's Panacea noted above is a good example of a bottle that straddles both eras. These lumps can wash onto shore, where they look like chunks of waxy yellowish clay.

The are covered in more depth as examples on the Bottle Finishes page. Given these physical features which are very typical of medicinal bottles made during the midth century and the context of where it was found this particular bottle likely dates from about to possibly the early s which would be the later end of the "early" era discussed here.

InHans von Seeckt pointed the way, by suggesting that German poison gas research move in the direction of delivery by aircraft in support of mobile warfare.

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During this transition many or most of the manufacturing based diagnostic features apparent on the bottles would change with the times.

However, the product was later found to actually contain sublimate - a mercury containing compound!

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Leonardo da Vinci proposed the use of a powder of sulfide, arsenic and verdigris in the 15th century: Civilians rarely had a warning system put into place to alert their neighbors of the danger. She was also heavily involved in the ensuing legal battles after her premise was raided and shut down.

Lenin's Soviet government employed poison gas in during the Tambov Rebellion.