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This culture is characterised by structures in the form Nri dating india subterranean dwelling pits, cut into the natural soil. Dancing girl graffiti[ edit ] Pottery graffiti at Bhirrana show "mermaid" type deities and dancing girls; [1] the latter have a posture so similar to Mohenjo-daro's bronze "dancing girls" that the archaeologist L.

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To arrive at DAB we have to calculate death benefit S. Providing matchmaking service for 20 years and we understand the importance of selecting the best partner for your life. The streets, lanes and by-lanes were oriented in similar fashion.

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Maturity sum assured MSA: The excavation has revealed the remains of the Harappan culture right from its nascent stage, i. The houses were made of mud bricks sun-baked bricks.

Ideally in Mumbai one should at least take Rs. For the first time, the remains of this culture have been exposed at Bhirrana. Discounted value or accumulated value, as the case may be, of the following: The settlement was an open air one with no fortification.

Presence of the baked bricks is seen used in the main drain provided on the width of the northern arm of the fortification wall to flush out the waste water from the houses.

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This period is marked by transformation in the city lay-out. In this plan one has to choose the premium he wants to pay whereas in normal plans one chooses the S.

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Jeevan saral is a kind of Nri dating india plan which can be taken for a maximum period of 35 years. It provides higher cover, smooth return, liquidity and considerable flexibility. Interesting Things about Marriage You will find, as you look back upon your life, that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love The greatest marriages are built on teamwork.

Guaranteed surrender value GSV: The important artifacts of the period consisted of Seals of steatite, bangles of copper, terracotta, faience and shell, inscribed celts of copper, bone objects, terracotta spoked wheels, animal figurines of terracotta, beads of lapis lazuli, carnelian, agate, faience, steatite, terracotta and stone objects.

Prior to the excavation of Bhirrana, no Hakra Wares culture, predating the Early Harappan had been exposed in any Indian site. We began as a small service to match individuals of Indian origin located in America, and now we have become the world's leading Indian matrimonial brand.

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Due to existence of the flexible term and partial surrender the policyholder will enjoy a lot of liquidity under the plan. The last period of occupation at the site belongs to the Mature Harappan period with all the characteristic features of a well-developed Harappan city.

Rao stated that "it appears that the craftsman of Bhirrana had first-hand knowledge of the former. We take immense pride in serving our valuable members and have never disappointed.

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