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Teenagers and older are able to choose their turn-ons and turn-offs. During this time relationships with the Sim who is furious are harder to build.

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Sims can travel to Community lots in order to purchase things like clothing and magazines, and to interact with NPCs and townies. Reputation [15] Reputation, which is found in the previous Sims game The Urbz: As opposed to The Sims, any age besides baby or young adult which must be made in the University Create a Student may be created.

A zodiac sign will be set which matches the personality the player has selected for the Sim.

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Clicking the "Create a Sim" icon will generate a random adult Sim, who may be male or female which can be edited by the player. Create-a-Sim[ edit ] In The Sims 2, Create a Family is entered by clicking the "Families" button in the lower left-hand corner of the neighborhood view, then clicking the large "Create New Family" button.

Sims in the City is reintroduced in the Apartment Life expansion pack. Gameplay[ edit ] From the neighborhood view, the player selects one lot to play, as in The Sims. Babies can also be adopted by calling the social worker on the phone, even by single parents or same-gender couples.

Music[ edit ] The game features music performed by ParamoreRyan FergusonTriviumChiodos and more recording artists all songs recorded in the Sims language "Simlish".

Careers[ edit ] There are careers that come with the game that require skills and a certain number of friends in order for promotion.

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Nightlife and Apartment Life allow Sims to gain promotions through social interactions with other Sims. As in The Sims, there are five personality traits, and 25 personality points which can be assigned to those traits.

The community interest in the antecedent The Sims: The player can choose between playing a pre-made inhabited lot, moving a household into an unoccupied pre-built lot, or constructing a building on an empty lot. Like the Ultimate Collection, no new updates on when the remaining packs will be released separately or as a single add-on to the Super Collection have emerged.

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Instead of having to choose from already finished faces which include hair, it is now possible to alter the facial structure e. Unleashed and The Sims: After 29 days, the Sim will become an elder. Fury can be caused by another Sim burgling the Sim's house, getting fined after calling emergency services when there was no emergency, fighting, cheating on the cheater or the Sim that was cheated with, often bothand more.

Aging can be disabled via cheats. This compilation only includes the first six expansion packs and the first three stuff packs. A Sim's facial features are customizable and unique, and Sims can smile, frown, and blink. Teen Sims will become young adults once they are moved to a University, and will be adults once they leave campus, regardless of the reason.

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Sims with higher reputations are more likely to gain perks such as free objects and job promotions. Young adult is a unique age added with the University expansion.

Fury [14] Fury is introduced in the Nightlife expansion pack and occurs when one Sim gets angry at another. Genetics play a major role in the game, and as such, dominant and recessive genes play a larger role than they did in the original game. Also, the Sim who is furious may pick a fight or vandalize the home lot of the Sim they are furious with.

In The Sims, Sims are 3D meshes, but The Sims 2 introduces far more detail in mesh quality, texture quality, and animation capability. A Sim is able to influence another Sim to complete a social interaction or a chore.

This is a Grasscity dating from earlier Sim games, such as SimCitywhich used dimetric projection and fixed resolutions, as the camera was in The Sims.

After 8 days, the child grows into a teenagerand will live 15 days before changing into an adult. On December 15,Electronic Arts announced that the official website would be shut down on January 14, Sims with certain personalities may not want to complete certain social interactions.

Players will need to build up talent badges, skills and relationships with other people, so that they can be successful in their career.

In Nightlife, each date is a challenge to keep both Sims as happy as possible while accumulating aspiration points.