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Capcom translated most of the games on the Evolution Disc for the English localization, and planned to include the character creation mode rebranded as "School Life" as well, but unfortunately later abandoned the character creation mode, citing the amount of time it would take to translate it from Japanese to English.

Gameplay Rival Schools is a four button fighting game; there are two buttons for punching light and heavy and two buttons for kicking light and heavy. Capcom games, launchers can be done that allow air combos to be performed, with all characters having universal low and high launchers.

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The PlayStation version of the game came in two CDs. The Team Ups would be some kind of double team attack by the character and partner, or for most female characters' Team Ups would heal the main character or give them more vigor.

The structure of the single player game of Rival Schools varied depending on how characters were selected. In the arcade, character selection was initially limited to selecting two characters from the same school and free selection of any character was accessed through time; the PlayStation versions, which included all characters unlocked by default, had no such restrictions.

In comparison to Rival Schools, Project Justice featured teams of 3, adding three-person team-up attacks and the ability to interrupt and stop 2-person team-ups. Some of the characters also make appearances in other games, such as Kyosuke in Capcom vs.

Team Up attacks would involve both characters of a team attacking their opponent, or in some cases, the partner would replenish the main character's health or vigor.

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The first disc included the original arcade game and the standard modes included in most home versions of fighting games. A player chooses a team of two characters, and fights against another two character team.

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Several students from each of the targeted schools investigate who is behind it. The story takes place in the fictional Japanese city of Aoharu, where several students and staff members from various local high schools have been victims of kidnapping and unprovoked attacks.

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In this mode, a player would be able to create a student and go through a typical school year. If certain requirements are met during the fight against Raizo, the story would continue as the player would then head into a true final boss fight against Hyo ImawanoRaizo's nephew and the true mastermind behind the events of the game.

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During the first few weeks of each arcade board's playtime, players can only pick two characters in the same High School.

Originally, the comic was to be produced by Dreamwave Productionsbut when Dreamwave showed signs of financial failure, the rights of the comic were sold to UDON, who already produced the successful Street Fighter comic.

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Retrieved August 4, Tardy Counters acted much like Alpha Counters from Street Fighter Alphaallowing a player to immediately counter-attack from a blocking position. The game also had a few defensive techniques. Eventually, the story reveals that an elite school in the city, Justice High, is responsible for the attacks.

It is the second in-house 3D fighting game after Star Gladiator by fighting game legend Capcom and is known for its Team Up system where players pick two characters for their team, one of which is used for special team attacks.

If two characters from the same school were selected with a few exceptionssingle-player would play in a progressing story with fights predetermined beforehand and each fight preceding and ending with short 2D cut-scenes to explain the story.

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Like the previous game, Project Justice included a character-creation mode that came in the form of a virtual board game. The actual fights, however, are one-on-one fights, with the partner only participating by being called in when a player has enough 'vigor' for a Team Up attack, done by pressing a punch and kick button of the same pressure.

No recent wiki edits to this page. However, the restrictions on Tardy Counters are very lax; any hard normal, special or super attack can be used to Tardy counter Alpha counters are only limited to certain special moves[ clarification needed ] for each characterand Tardy Counters do not cost any extra vigor to perform Alpha Counters required at least a level of Super Combo gauge to do.

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List of Rival Schools characters The story of Rival Schools introduces the player to a Japanese city called Aoharu City, where several local schools are the victims of unknown attacks and kidnappings of students and staff.

After the Free Select mode is activated, Rival schools dating an additional week or through another operator code unlocks the two boss characters for play. The rest of the extra modes featured in the Evolution Disc were still included in the overseas versions. The various characters in the game set out to find who is responsible for the attacks on their school, with the cut-scenes and fights portraying their interactions with the other schools and among themselves.

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The 'vigor' meter essentially a super meter could go up to 9 levels, with Team Ups costing two levels and super moves from a single person all costing one level of vigor.

Control wise, the game varies from other Capcom fighting games by only having four buttons two How to write an online dating profile examples and two Rival schools dating, which is closer to the SNK game format rather than the standard six.