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Many cities host seasonal festivals or concerts at no cost. After dinner, enjoy a stroll on the city's cobbled stone streets.

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Redditors love quality, original content! Enjoy holding hands and sitting close together while hearing live music. Please message the Mods if you see anything amiss! Threats of sexual or physical violence will NOT be tolerated. Regal coachmen escort sweethearts around the city to see historic Old Sacramento, gaze upon the Sacramento River and discover the steps of the front door to the State Capitol.

The mild weather, thriving arts community and other cultural opportunities make it easy to date without spending a dime.

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Couples will delight in sampling award winning wines and traveling through the luscious vineyards. Users with negative karma. Keep an eye out for these local events and plan an outing for your next date. A few guidelines Mods will be using Sacramento dating ideas banning: Be excellent to each other.

Please see Reddit's Spam and Self Promotion guidelines if you are unclear on what is and isn't acceptable. Have a date night in and show your special someone how well you can make your way around the kitchen.

Thinkstock Dates are exciting and add a breath of fresh air to a seasoned relationship or a brand new one just kicking off. We like our news local!

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The more the better! The lovingly restored theater has played host to B. Show your culinary skills. Keep up with local events.

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If you don't like a venue, don't go!

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Try to keep stuff specific to Sacramento or of interest to other people because they also live in Sacramento Meetups are fun! The acre family owned boutique winery is surrounded by picturesque gardens and grounds.

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The ability to cook is one of the most attractive qualities in a partner. Especially when it's about "Where are the best The cost of things such as meals, movies, event or theater tickets or cocktails add up quickly, leaving you with a heavy heart and light wallet.

Music lovers in love: Please use Craigslist, StubHub, etc for this purpose. Luckily, there are many other ways in the Sacramento region to have an enjoyable time without breaking the bank. Impress your date with the seven-course Chateau Boswell Winemaker dinner that begins on the breathtaking courtyard patio and finishes in the authentic underground wine cellar.

Meet up with other Sacramento Trekkies Community Guidelines: We're all about supporting each other! Our list of sweetheart destinations guarantees lovebirds an unforgettable rendezvous.

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These will result in a instant permaban. One of the biggest reasons for dating is to get to know each other better. Use the downvote and report buttons for offensive, unconstructive comments!

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Spend the night inside the original vaudeville theater's nostalgic intimate surroundings and watch a concert, comedy act or movie show. Please try not to rain on each other's parades.