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The Bayview is known for its friendly and diverse residents, warm weather and inviting vistas, community gardens, independent businesses, artists' community, and rich history as an African American and working-class neighborhood.

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Acres of Orchids, founded by the Rod McLellan Company in the late s, was one such example of a farm being converted to housing.

It is a common practice to hang a T-shirt over a pole to indicate a shelter is occupied. Despite several dining options such as Denny's and IHOP are within walking distance of the hotels, but the cityscape here is particularly bleak, with no trees or other adornment to the street.

The length and the shelters combine to make this a beach where you and a friend can be quite alone.

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Along the coast the temperatures are nearly constant, year-round. Now, advocates are concerned about its future as it comes under State Park jurisdiction.

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Dakin formerly headquartered in SSF to hundreds of children. It can be windy, but many users have built shelters from driftwood resembling low log cabins with no roof. Guests are straight gay, bi or whatever.

Despite its diversity, residents have a long history of coming together to create change and protect neighborhood assets.

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It is one of the few remaining industrial sectors of San Francisco. Bayview Footprints Network is telling a positive story about an often maligned place and maintains the neighborhood' longest-running blog, and the Bay View Newspaper is a respected voice for the underserved. The beach is popular with but not limited to gay men.

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Market Street is to the south, and Corona Heights Park and neighborhood is to the east. Their pool is clothing-optional. Generally, spring and fall provide the best beach weather, between the winter rains and the summer fog.

Fabricated from steel manufactured at Bethlehem Steel. Many of the quaint, hilly streets in the neighborhood are so narrow that two cars cannot pass in opposite directions without one car pulling over to the side of the road.

Muir beach, one of the best nude beaches around, was in the center of some nasty conflicts among local residents, with nudists cited for violation of Marin County Chapter 6.