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When Vanessa breaks the news to Adam, he is devastated and attacks Kirin's father after he learns that it was him that switched the DNA results. When he learns that Nikhil and his girlfriend are expecting a baby, Jai and Charity argue and he goes to the factory and gets drunk.

A few days later, Adam decides to end his marriage to Victoria, convinced it is for the best and leaving her heartbroken. Cos I love you, mum.


When Johnny gets ideas about Dave's girlfriend, it results in a furious race down a winding highway on a collision course with tragedy. Unfortunately things don't go as according to plan as Adam's credit card is declined which leads them to both do a runner from the restaurant.

They drive off and Robbie leaves Adam to handle everything as he temporarily leaves the village. Will she live fast and die young? Gabby became a vegetarian, although she confessed to Ashley that she did this partly to annoy Bernice.

Katie then dumps Adam and Adam informs her that it is okay because he was dumping her anyways. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

Thank you so much! He persuades Sam to help him find Rachel but the Dingles worry that Sam is Sapphire elia and matthew james thomas dating his son. However, after Emma spitefully tells Vic what happened between Adam and Vanessa, Victoria ends their relationship for good.

In late JulyAdam and Victoria return from their honeymoon and focus on their life as a married couple, but it is interrupted by the existence of Adam's unborn child, as it is still believed that Adam is the father. After Scarlett was born, Tom ended the relationship but offered to provide financial support for Carrie secretly.

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Cameron sets Adam up as he plants one of his gloves near the area where the police are investigating. Laurel became the primary maternal figure in Gabby's life, and Gabby also gained more additions to her family with the arrivals of grandfather Sandy Thomas and cousin Jasmine Thomas and ina half-brother, Daniel Thomas.

Crossley revealed via her Twitter page that she was waiting for news on an audition. Bernice began dating, and later married, Lawrence Whitedelighting Gabby, who saw the perfect opportunity for lots of expensive presents.

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Gabby later developed feelings for Jacob Gallagher and on their first date she told him about what her and Lachlan did to Eric and Jacob got angry and told Gabby to leave before telling David Metcalfe and Leyla Harding. Adam tries to get Pete to go sell them for him and he gives him a telling off, refusing to do it.

Adam falls asleep in a car at the scrapyard, but is currently unaware that a fire has been started, which then causes some gas canisters to explode into a helicopter, which then tumbles into crashing through the roof of the Village Hall.

In AprilGabby got sentenced to community service while Liv got sentenced to 4 months in a youth detention center. With Adam muttering comments as they questing Moira on hers and Alex's affair they begin to question Adam. I know you're mad at me. It was a year of real awakening to complicity in various sectors of society, from politics to pop culture.

On returning to Pear Tree Cottage, Scarlett asked Carrie why she hadn't told her that she had four brothers and Carrie replied that they were due to stand trial for conspiracy to murder her father. Donna and Ross manage to get away along with Adam and Aaron.

Later, Adam suggest him and Robbie do the drugs themselves. After arguing briefly, Jai and Charity reconcile but Charity realizes that Rishi lied and ends their marriage. In SeptemberGabby's younger sister Dotty was born. Gabby and Jacob later made up and after convincing Jacob to steal alcohol from the shop they head down to the pavilion to play and drinking game before sharing a kiss.

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Adam was horrified and pulled away, questioning Aaron's sexuality, but Aaron made him think it was all in his head.