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The room has been checked many times for electrical problems and none can be found. Whether it was a ghost or custodian, we didn't care. There is also the spirit of a young man who haunts the bridge on Clause Road.

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Redlands is also supposed to be one of the highest ranking cities for devil worshippers. Rooms, and are also all reported by guests and employees to be haunted. Reportedly an unseen spirit opened and closed the door by prize counter several times when there was no one around.

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We don't know why or how she came to garden at the crematory but are grateful that she does a wonderful upkeep of her area. At night, strange sounds are heard and flashes of light are seen under the water. With its newfound independence, and the triumph of the republican movement, Mexico set out to diminish the Catholic Church 's power within Alta California by secularizing the California missions in Speed dating san jose some nights you Gay man dating a younger guy see a girl about yrs old sitting on the ledge of the middle top window wearing a light blue dress.

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If you question her presents she will show you by moving something. Redwood City - Canada College - Many people have taken the elevator in the learning center around 1: It's been the site of a lot of vandalism over the years.

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Murrieta - Murrieta Valley High school - Apparitions of kids and equipment moves. Brown's office was located.

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A ghost waitress was seen walking into the back of the new room. There is only one gardener employed at the O.

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Some people have witnessed the murder of the girl repeat itself time after time. Pasadena - The Castle Green - There have been door knobs that turned when no one was in the hall, shadows passing under the doors, footsteps heard, faucets turned on in some apartments, heavy perfume smells, chains rattling.

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Extremely unusual things are supposed to happen after crossing these gates, such as, a ghost with a headless cat comes running after you, a bloody bull's head rolls down the drive-way, and so on.

Montebello - AMC Montebello 10 Theatres - This theatre is haunted by a spirit who was stabbed and later died when the theatre first opened.

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The Blockbuster Video was demolished last year and is now a Fuddrucker's restaurant. All of them died after first settling in the area. Several maintenance workers, passers by, and Mrs.

Big Church - They have a community of thousands Christian members worldwide.

The specter even leaves footprints. Redlands - Harris department store - in the women's dressing room you here women talking when the store is closed the dressing room doors slam and heavy foot steps above the roof when there noting above Redlands - Hillside Cemetery - Hillside Cemetery is a very old cemetery with interments dating back to the mid-late 's.

Screams and howls haunt the night along with the faint chants of an age and people long past. There is one spat in the last theater room in the building that gets cold enough to shed ice aver your coke, when you sit there you also feel like someone is watching you Nevada City - The National Hotel - Apparent hauntings occur here.

It was once said that three children were taken into a restroom stall by their father, and each were killed by slitting their throats because their father was extremely sorrowful over the death of his wife, and murdered his children to eliminate his memory of his love.

Ontario - Hotel Beverly - hearing foot steps on the 2nd floor when no one there. Palos Verdes - Vanderlip Mansion - the wealthy Vanderlip family lived in a mansion in PV, one day the wife went crazy and chopped up her family and buried them in the walls of the house.

Morro Bay - Pirate Ship Playground - Reports of two boys playing on the pirate ship in the playground late at night. Following the Los Angeles zoot suit riotsanti-Mexican violence took place during Speed dating san jose summer of When you are by yourself in the theatre you can feel the air get thick and a strong feel of coldness of wind come toward you.

Most of the hangings took place on the property where the Chamber of Commerce Bldg is now located.