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Small villages have developed in sheltered bays where the soil is good for fruit-growing and farming. The current monarch is King Harald V, who succeeded to the throne in The Vikings were a warriorgreen waters extending far inland to like maritime race whose voyages waterside towns and settlements.

According to the constitution, the In the north, the cliff faces are often bare all the way down to the shore. The tree line in Vestlandet is usually at —1, m 1,—3, ft. White-tailed eagles nest high on coastal mountain shelves. Artists working at this time, such as Adolf Tidemand and Hans Gude, captured the countryside and its people in their paintings.

This is a tradition that has its the Labour Party held the majority roots in the remote rural settlements from —61; since then there have of old when visitors needed sustebeen both socialist and non-socialist nance after an arduous journey.

Geological processes such as the life that spills outdoors in summer. The population varies according to feeding conditions.

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It is found throughout the country. Skiing is a popular winter pastime and with the first snowfalls, trails are prepared and people of all ages venture out on skis.

The glaciers carved through the rock wherever the surface was weak.

The inner arms of the fjord can extend km miles Store lakselv tinden dating its mouth. Wrapped around northwestern offshore, providing sheltered harbours and passageways for Scandinavia like a protective bastion the numerous ferries, cruise against the North Sea, Norway is one ships and fishing boats that of the most scenically beautiful ply the coast.

Reindeer rule the mountain plateaus, where the willow grouse lives in copses and willow thickets.

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The plains and rolling hills of the southwest give way to rounded mountains cut by rivers and lakes where Arctic char, salmon and trout can be fished. Here lie the important role in its development. The common ptarmigan is found on higher ground.

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The threshold between the fjord and the sea often has a depth of just one-tenth of the fjord at its deepest point. In recent years great improvements to the infrastructure have been made possible thanks to the riches from the North Sea oil fields.

Football has a strong following with 1, clubs throughout the country. The grey seal fjordkobbe and the common seal steinkobbe are found off mainland Norway.