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The Visa Office concluded, after conducting on-site verifications, that the applicant had misrepresented his work experience. The case involved an inventor who had established a solar energy company in Canada and had the support of a Canadian business incubator, making him eligible to apply for permanent residence under the SUBC program.

The decision was therefore set aside, the bar for misrepresentation lifted, and the application was to be returned to the visa office for redetermination by another officer. Our office prepared detailed submissions and supporting evidence which demonstrated that this applicant maintains a stable and productive lifestyle and is not at risk of further criminality.

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Prior to coming to Canada, they were issued multiple entry visas valid for two years. This Nomination Certificate increased our clients score by an additional points under the Express Entry profile.

As sectarian violence continues to escalate across much of the Middle East, these families are very grateful to be able to remain safely in Canada. We filed volumes of evidence to the Immigration Appeal Division supporting the genuine nature of this relationship, and prepared our client and his wife to provide oral testimony at the hearing.

Patricia Morgan Patricia booked a bridal shoot. We submitted the application and within a couple of weeks, our client received the visitor visa. The couple retained our office to assist with an overseas spousal sponsorship and, if that was approved, an application for Authorisation to Return to Canada ARC.

We were thrilled to receive a positive result on a complex spousal sponsorship appeal involving a long immigration history.

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Upon careful assessment we determined that the applicant met the eligibility by one day. Work Permit Extension Approved! His application was processed smoothly and was recently approved, in just three months after submission. Our office assisted a client who wished to hire a caregiver for his elderly father under the new caregiver Labour Market Impact Assessment LMIA requirements.

The application was successfully sent back for re-determination with the client having an opportunity to provide additional evidence, and will now be decided by a senior officer.

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With our assistance, our client was recently issued his visa to Bella thorne dating garrett backstrom to Canada and subsequent study permit to begin his studies. Adrienne Smith Adrienne has worked as a background actor in t.

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Halley Elementary has had great success with the program. The family will now have the opportunity to obtain Success dating stories TRVs, return to Canada, and pursue their application for permanent residence.

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Given all the recent changes that occurred to this program, it was essential that all advertising was submitted properly. We were recently successfully in securing permanent resident status for a spouse of a Canadian citizen who had previously been refused admission into Canada to reunite with her spouse on more than one occasion and had a history that included a criminal conviction, although not serious.

Now safe from being returned to his country, the assessment of permanent residence began.

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This case presented some difficulty, as the events forming the basis of the claim were not recent and the client had to demonstrate that there would be present risk were he to be returned to his country of nationality today.

The appeal was allowed and the family will soon be able to land in Canada as permanent residents. The individual was determined to require medical treatment that was expected to result in an excessive demand.

However, before finalizing the application, CIC found that one of the dependents was determined to require social services.

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The Appellant applied to sponsor his mother to Canada, and his two siblings who were dependent on their mother due to their age were also included. The program has made such a positive impression that two families transferred their children to Halley Elementary School because they felt it was a safer environment than other schools.

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The school has seen an improvement in eliminating bullying behavior. Medical Inadmissibility Finding Overturned!

We are very pleased that this young couple will be reunited in Canada very soon. We were delighted to assist a mother of three young children, two of whom have special needs, in appealing the refusal of her spousal sponsorship application.