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When that didn't generate quite enough buzz, they made headlines when Us Weekly reported that they broke up a week before the premiere.

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Swifty is resolutely single. He even spelled out his intentional slowdown in even more specific terms to Reuters in Novembersaying "For me the biggest thing is just surrounding myself with people that I love, just spending time, it doesn't matter what I'm doing as long as I'm with my friends and my family.

Online reports that they split shortly after the film debuted. Another source told Vulture, "I remember when [Universal co-chairman] Donna Langley cast him in Stretch Armstrong, she said to me, 'He's the real deal!

Taylor Swift isn't dating anyone Ever since they were spotted getting 'cosy' at the awards show, media outlets went wild making huge assumptions that the pair were indeed embarking on a relationship.

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With a combined 26 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoesthe consensus on this flick was not good. And if he's not careful, Taylor Lautner isn't going to get a career, either.

Getty Images Lautner and Billie Lourd met on the set of Scream Queens, and their onscreen romance spilled over into real life. Playing completely against type, Lautner stepped into a role that had him navigating the tricky waters of dry British humor, but he apparently nailed it.

Is it possible that Lautner pressed the pause button on acting for this reverse May-December romance? But he's still very young.

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Lautner would probably do well to just leave that one off of his reel. Plus, it seems Harris might indeed already be in a relationship; with model Aarika Wolf.

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As a result, the duo had an easier time transitioning to other roles post-Twilight. That's very unlike her, especially if the relationship was real. Both movies were shelved indefinitely.

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It's not only Calvin Harris who has been thought to be romancing the singer either, as she was recently photographed alongside Grammy nominee Hozier. What makes that pairing suspicious?

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Dating Rumors: Rita Ora Reportedly Has 'Bad Blood' With Ex

Additionally, O'Brien found success in an action franchise, starring in 's The Maze Runner and its sequels. His first star vehicle bombed Lautner was the marquee name in 's Abduction, but the movie didn't do well at all.

However, Swift has insisted in a recent interview that love isn't at the top of her to-do list and she certainly hasn't had a relationship in some time now. Despite recent reports that Taylor Swift had started dating British DJ Calvin Harris after becoming bosom buddies at the Brit Awards, the 'Shake It Off' singer is in fact single - and the pair are nothing more than platonic friends.

Davies hinted that they may work together in the future. I'm just really excited at an awards show when they don't make some weird joke about my dating life.

That's not easy for me to say, if you think about it!

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Unfortunately, the film Soiree speed dating dijon even got a U. Lautner attended the joint funeral for the screen legends, and from there, their whirlwind romance was well documented on Instagram, with Lautner posting photos of the couple jet-setting all over the world.

We're doing two more series next year. He's stepped up and acted like a husband would act.