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Has the Roku been set up or is it brand new?

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If not, then your son must have done some unusual audio assignments that will have to be changed. But I've screwed these up in some way.

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Choose this option to get started. My only solace is that I know a lot about other things. Scott, thanks for replying.

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Let's add a 2-way splitter to the coax coming from the wall: Don't have MoCA yet? Create a MoCA network.

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Otherwise, use option 3 MoCA. I guess I will just play pull this HDMI cable out and see what happens, then another, then another and then another until I've gotten the Roku to join the party.

TiVo Mini does not support a wireless connection. TiVo box to Roamio??? A MoCA network lets you: This is a humbling experience.

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Also plug in the Roku's power. This option lets you: Using the TiVo menus, select the "Wireless" networking option: If you don't have MoCA yet, no problem.

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If you are setting up your TiVo box for the first time, during Guided Setup choose "Ethernet" as your networking connection type if prompted. Now grab your Onkyo remote and pick different inputs until you see the Roku screen could be a giant digital clock displayed onscreen.

Ethernet Use this option if you have wired Ethernet connections available to all TiVo boxes on your home network. Just start up your TiVo box, and you're ready to go. You can write down the settings your son used for reference but we don't need the Onkyo 'thinking ' for us at this point.

If you are setting up your TiVo box for4 the first time, during Guided Setup choose "Wireless" as your network connection type.