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Amigos created the profile by luring me to their site through a fake invite from someone in my Facebook friends' contacts list.

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The Twoo site is being accessed by millions of people over countries. Amigos would only allow you to add more pics to the profile.

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I realized this not by adding more pics since I immediately caught up with the scam as soon as I got to their phony site. That is, until now from Twoo. Things that you would probably never do.

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You are hacking Twooo dating contacts, sending all their contacts spam emails without their consent. However, Twoo can only be accessed by its members who sign up for free to join.

I found out by thoroughly researching Amigos. Just like Twoo is doing now, once you click the link in your email, Amigos. This app is accessible by iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows smartphones as already stated above. You guys are so pathetic.

If you get an email from a social network showing the picture and name of one of your friends on FB, or from any other social network that Interactive dating sites use, try to contact the person by other means to make sure they really sent it, or just delete the email entirely.

Not only is Twoo unpopular and pointless, the only reputation that you guys have is a well-deserved one - of an organization that is untrustworthy and ridiculously shady.

What I want is for you to think about your disgusting company. Anyway, this is getting long. There were tons of complaints about how they were luring people using people's contacts from Facebook. Sorry to break it to you, but no one is ever going to join Twoo. Log into chat, add photos and videos to your profile, explore accounts and have fun by meeting people.

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So the profile might be real. Truly the most despicable, disgusting, pathetic organization I have ever seen to date. Type your password for Twoo into the second box. I chose to stop my online friendship over Facebook with her after I learned that she was the main culprit that led to countless problems - and eventual rupture - with my previous girlfriend.

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For this reason I told her not to ever contact me again. Select the button at the top of the page if you want to proceed with the Twoo Facebook login process. We didn't consent to it and you know it. In the last text message she had sent me she promised she would not bother me again, and recognized that she had screwed up with her actions.

All they did was click a link, and now you think its okay to not only invade their contacts and privacy "we never invade privacy" YES, YES YOU DO, don't even bother trying to say anything, no one is ever going to believe your lies and you know that its a lie yourselfhack their email and send a bunch of more emails to everyone in their contacts list.

If you are not signed in to your Facebook, enter your Facebook email and password. Don't answer me saying that you're sorry, that I connected my contacts to my account - I'm not asking for some seemingly deceptive, responsible reply.

But I find the invite from her very doubtful.

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More so, it is referred to as an online dating site that helps you meet new people, chat, and date. So what I think happened here was that Twoo pulled my email from either her contacts list, and sent me that invite Twooo dating if it had come from her.

I think this is just the folks over at Twoo trying to further expand their social network business with fake accounts by getting me to click their email link.

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What is your thoughts on Twoo. I clearly remember back then don't recall too well but I think it was sometime between and how much time and patience I wasted just trying to eliminate the profile that Amigos.

What the hell are your intentions?