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For three months in he was posted to Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, and in he was transferred yet again, this time to Rajahmundry. III New Seriespp. A spokesperson for Cruz said his failure to report the loans to the FEC was "inadvertent" and said he would be filing supplementary paperwork.

The theology taught in the missionary school may have found resonance with the highly devotional activities connected with the nearby Tirumala temple, activities that Radhakrishnan undoubtedly would have witnessed taking place outside the school.

Having had the experience, the artist attempts to recall it.

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Radhakrishnan uses the term "integral" in at least three ways. However, "religious experiences" have University of calgary thesis binding for Radhakrishnan insofar as they offer the possibility of heightening one's religious consciousness and bringing one into ever closer proximity to "religious intuition".

In any critical situation the forward move is a creative act" IVL An unreflective dogmatism could not be remedied by escaping from "experiential religion" which is the true basis of all religions. His experiences at Tirupati brought him into contact with Lutheran Christian missionaries whose theological emphasis on personal religious experience may have suggested to him a common ground between Christianity and his own religious heritage.

XX, Number 1 Octoberpp.

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For Radhakrishnan, intuition is a distinct form of experience. Intuition is a positive feeling of calm and confidence, joy and strength IVL Working hard is our dna and the world already knows it.

Radhakrishnan's polemical sensibilities during these years were heightened in no small part by the political turmoil both on the Indian as well as on the world stage.

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He appreciated Tagore's emphasis on aesthetics as well as his appeal to intuition. The religious cul de sac in which Europe and Christian theology find themselves testifies to their reluctance to embrace the Hindu maxim that "theory, speculations, [and] dogma change from time to time as the facts become better understood" IVL What follows is not an exhaustive list, but three of the most common criticisms which may be levied against Radhakrishnan.

The s and s Radhakrishnan was knighted inthe same year he took up his administrative post as Vice Chancellor at the newly founded, though scarcely constructed, Andhra University at Waltair.

It escapes the limits of language and logic, and there is "no conception by which we can define it" IVL Such experiences are not "abnormal" according to Radhakrishnan, nor are they unscientific. Radhakrishnan was married to his wife of over 50 years, Sivakamuamma, in while living in Vellore.

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As an honored, though hesitant, heir to Brajendranath Seal, Radhakrishnan's appointment to the chair was not without its dissenters who sought a fellow Bengali for the position. Radhakrishnan seems to be suggesting that the direct proximity to an external object one encounters in sense perception is compromised when the perception is interpreted and subsequently Top free dating services into a more systematic, though presumably higher, form of knowledge through discursive reasoning.

Even so, Radhakrishnan holds that there is "no such thing as pure experience, raw and undigested.

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By means of it we acquire an acquaintance with the sensible qualities of the objects" IVL Intuition operates on a supra-conscious level, unmediated as it is by conscious thought. Braun had directed her to violate the law and that she had not presented sufficient evidence that her refusal to violate the law was why she had been fired.

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As an intuition, integral experience is not only the basis of all experience but the source of all creative ingenuity, whether such innovation be philosophical, scientific, moral, artistic, or religious. As such the effects of ethical intuitions are played out on the social stage. Proceedings of the Eighth Indian Philosophical Congress: Regardless, according to Radhakrishnan, the presentation of facts in logical form contributes to "a confusion between discovery and proof" IVL First, it was here that Radhakrishnan was trained in European philosophy.

First, Radhakrishnan minimizes the contributions of the monistic philosophers and religious mystics of the West.

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There is a "scientific" and "experimental" dimension to Radhakrishnan's University of calgary thesis binding of ethical behavior. For Radhakrishnan, psychic intuitions are suprasensory: They are held to be authoritative on the ground that they express the experiences of the experts in the field of religion" HVL In Calcutta, Radhakrishnan was for the first time out of his South Indian element -- geographically, culturally, and linguistically.

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George Allen and Unwin, Ltd. One might object here that Radhakrishnan has conflated the experience itself with its subsequent interpretation and expression. Art and Science There is in Radhakrishnan's mind a "scientific" temperament to genuine artistic expression.