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After the beer and getting dressed, I advised him he needed to get some better porn, if he wanted a repeat visit. Squinting through them, I saw Tyler had removed his shirt and was now sitting on the table, leaning towards me, with his hands next to my side, mer inches away from my cock, rubbing his substantial large bulge.

It seemed they were interested in me and that the husband would love to have me over to their place for drinks tonight and to talk.

I never did hear back from him or from Samantha.

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He started to stroke me gently up and down my shaft. Now," was all I said as I pushed his willing and eager mouth down on my cock. As I leaned back, I put the panties under my cock and closed my eyes.

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When he came back into the room, he had a warm washcloth and started to wash and clean my cock. He pulled off my cock and quickly started to stroke me off and aimed several loads onto the panties. When in Rome, I was thinking to myself, as I nodded a yes to his question. He smiled as I walked out.

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I quickly logged off and went back to being the professional cop. My seven inch cock was now a raging hard cock in my briefs and Tyler could see that, as he excused himself to go and "update" Samantha.

Then as I got dry, he placed his mouth above my cock head and let out a flood of spit, his pace increased while his other hand started to massage my balls. I've always been a fan of the MWM section of the casual encounters, just something so taboo about a man sharing his woman with another man.

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After a few beers, our conversation had started to turn sexual. I paid special attention to my seven-inch thick, shaved cock and slipped on a pair of "CockSox" briefs.

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At this time, I noticed that his cell phone wasn't active and it didn't appear to have had anyone on the other end. It was while walking to the bathroom, that my keen investigative sense, noticed that there was no pictures of Samantha on the walls or book cases.

He laid the panties on the coffee table, as if they were a devine gift, I was amazed at the amount Watch hook up cum I had left on them. Does that make me Bisexual?

It doesn't take long to figure out that most of the posts are fake when it's a professional pic with it. Later on, I noticed his same post would always get flagged and people just say it was some guy trying to hook up with other guys.

Soon, the panties were covered in cum as he used them to whip his mouth and lips clean of my seed.

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Getting home, I started to get ready, a shower and a shave were in order. No longer were men and women forced to go out to bars or parties and hope to get lucky. As I pulled my pants off, I saw Tyler had that same smirk, and sparkle in his eye that I do ever time a woman gets naked for me.

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It was always good practice to be ready. Here I was, in heaven getting my cock sucked by Watch hook up man, realizing it was one of the best blow jobs I've ever gotten. His name was Tyler and hers was Samantha. I could feel my cock getting harder and my balls started to get tight.

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His tempo started to pick up and I no Watch hook up had to push his head down on me. Or, just a guy trying not to leave anything on the table at the end of the day.