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She joined the Walkers in trying to convince Sid he still had purpose in life.

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She tried to spend time with Bianca but she kept avoiding her to go and see her new boyfriend Adam Sharpe. She reluctantly allowed Kyle in to see her but warned him that she might form an artificial attachment.

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She was upset, however, when she overheard John expressing his disappointment when money allocated to his Highway to Summer Bay project was used for an investigation of the water bottle ban proposal. After their family helped them move in, April took delivery of the bed and sat down to welcome Dexter when he returned home.

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She spent ages working on a poetry assignment and kept all her clothes in neat order. Xavier sees April and Dex kissing and he tells them to stay away from him.

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Xavier apologises, but April appears distant. She invited a classmate, Brett Smith, to the Diner to study with her but he mistook it for a date and things got even more awkward when he turned out to be a friend of Dexter.

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Dex later asks her to the formal, but April turns him down. April stays up all night after taking the drug. She was thrown into a panic when Jase McKenzie messed up her carefully laid out pens at school and Liam confiscated them, especially when Bianca suffered an electric shock the same day.


Bianca gives birth to a son, but suffers a seizure and is placed in an induced coma. When Irene told her about Rosie being raped, she joined Sasha in supporting her.

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She accompanied Bianca to her ultrasound when Liam was detained and was shocked when the dates showed Heath was the father. However, Bianca announces she is still marrying Vittorio and April refuses to be a bridesmaid.

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When she, Xavier and Dexter learned the school was to be demolished, they organised a protest during which April chained herself to the gates and was arrested. Storylines April arrives in Summer Bay and goes to the beach.

She started off as this kind of boring, standard schoolgirl, and then I got to do the whole OCD storyline, and now April steals Sid Walker's prescription pad and gets the drugs for herself. Bianca finds Xavier and he is also taken to the hospital.

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April has a breakdown and Liam and Irene become concerned about April's cleaning and tidying.