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However, Abi does not get pregnant.

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A shift worker can get home from work, sleep for several hours and wake feeling refreshed. Louise accidentally tells Shakil about Bex and Gethin, and Bex is heartbroken when Shakil kisses Louise, though Louise is stunned and disgusted by Shakil's immaturity.

She returns after 2 weeks.

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His powerful presence and natural gravitas will ensure he's a strong presence. Max chosen to turn her life support off at 8: Abi did not kill Lucy, but it is revealed that on the night Lucy died, Abi had a confrontation with Lucy about her affair with Max, which resulted in she slapping Lucy.

And she may have more than just her figure to smile about, as convicted criminal Joey is also thought to be Lauren's business partner, according to new! An upset Bex tells Stacey she has been dumped, who tells Martin and she is left embarrassed when Martin publicly has a go at Shakil.

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Abi then stands up to Stella and tells Ben to do the same, leading Stella to kill herself when Ben reveals the abuse. Martin then reveals that Kush Kazemi is Arthur's father to everyone in the pub, including Bex.

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He does but tells Dexter that he is coming back after the weekend. He refuses her access to see her children and barricades himself inside the house with Hope, Arthur, Lily, Bex, Whitney and Tiffany inside; he tells Bex, Whitney and Tiffany that Stacey isn't allowed in the house or anywhere near the kids.

Babe takes Abi away from the square, and on their return, Abi tells Ben she has had a miscarriage. Abi tries to persuade Ben into moving but he refuses, saying he needs to be there for alcoholic Phil, and Abi tells Louise that Ben will always believe his girlfriend over his sister.

Jay is arrested and Bex is interviewed by police. Bex visits Louise in hospital but her mother, Lisa Fowler says Louise wants no visitors and Lisa tells Bex her plans for Louise if she was well.

Preston encourages Bex to skip school and Preston gets Michelle to Sharon's house, where he is in bed with Bex and Michelle realises Preston is using Bex to make her jealous.

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Jay decides to go with Abi which Max at first is opposed tobut he comes around eventually. Abi later was declared brain stem dead and they doctors delivered her premature daughter. Her father Max made sure she still had a party.

Abi begins a relationship with Ben now played by Harry Reid which is discovered by Emma Summerhayes who informs Max of the relationship. He gives it to them, and they are horrified. She is not pregnant, but ends their relationship, believing that they want different things.

She continuously mocks Jay and accuses him of being jealous of her relationship with Ben. As Whitney wants to find out why Tiffany has come to Walford, she asks Bex to take her shopping- much to Tiffany's delight. When Alexandra sees Bex in the local shop, she knocks the sugar she is buying out of her hands and sticks chewing gum in her hair when she goes to pick it up.

Later, Abi catches Ben and Louise arguing and assumes it is over the letter, and she inadvertently reveals she was never pregnant, but Ben was referring to Phil's credit card.

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Abi panics to Babe that Ben will discover she is not pregnant, so during an argument between Ben and Phil, Babe pushes Abi into Ben as he is pushed by Phil, knocking her to the ground. He made his first appearance on 14 May Development and reception[ edit ] Having been originally introduced as the funeral director who arranged Pat Evans ' Pam St.

Stacey comes over, and Lauren shouts at her until she leaves, followed by Lauren and Abi. Posing as friends of the Millers, Margaret allows the Fowler 's into their home and it is only when they admit who they really are that she tells them to leave.

She admits to teachers Mrs Robyn Lund and Mr Gethin Price that Louise, Madison and Alexandra were responsible for her attack and sending the photo, but the girls deny knowledge of either incidents and Bex ends her friendship with Louise, but Linzi offers her support.