The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Here it is…almost Christmas time! Hard to believe I’ve been teaching here in Marshall for nearly a year now. I am so grateful to all the amazing people I have met through classes here, and who have really made me feel at home here in Marshall. I absolutely love this time of the year, the lights, the music, the love…and the baking! I love to bake! Back in Iowa, I used to own a gourmet cupcake business…I might just have to bring some goodies to class to share with everyone!

As for the classes, Yoga and Barre classes are going great, and I am in the process of adding Barre Flow to the schedule. It’s a combination of the Yoga and Barre classes, for those who want something in between. Now that the class sizes are growing, you will see more specialized yoga classes popping up like Power Vinyasa, Yin, and Kids. Once we locate adequate space for the studio, these classes will become regular as we add more teachers.

That elusive studio spot though… We are still on the hunt, and plan to relocate to our new location Late Spring/Early Summer. I have a few places that will work, but am still searching for the right place for The BEND Studio to call home. Until then, Barre will be held at Marshall Academy of Dance, Yoga and Barre Flow will be held at Lee’s Tae Kwon Do, and our Pop Up Boutique will still be featured in Coco Avenue. I am so grateful for Kevin, Breanna, and Laura for sharing their spaces with me!

I will be taking the last 2 weeks off in December to spend with my family for Christmas…so no regularly scheduled classes. There might be a few pop up classes, an amazing guest teacher, and one heck of a New Year’s celebration…so stay tuned my friends!


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